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  • stockgourmet1 stockgourmet1 Nov 10, 2012 2:50 PM Flag

    i am concerned

    I have done a fair amount of DD on Pimavanserin and its prospects and there is nothing that i have come across that tells me that Pimavanserin does not work. Even the past trials 40mg clearly showed efficacy.
    However everytime the stock rallies there are some huge sell orders that kill the rally. And then the stock limpers along. We are a few weeks away from the P3 results and the stock isnt showing any kind of momentum. While i was happy listening to the CC when they mentioned a 90% roll over to 015 but when the CEO was asked about partnerships and future plans he had this nervous sounding voice and that nervous cough prior to answering essentially they are keeping their options open. I would have expected more confidence in his tone. Maybe he is swedish and thats just the way he speaks and thts all there is to it.

    But I am concerned. I am practically betting the farm on ACAD and Pimavanserin and hope everything is fine just the way all research shows. I am only afraid someone knows more than the prevalent market information and they keep dumping and exiting each time there is a rally of sorts. Even if the company is doing the ATM offering then why should it so close to the announcement date. Also can they do the ATM with inside information on how the trial is going?

    Any thoughts will be appreciated

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    • Dude, youre concerned cuz the Ceo coughed? For real?

    • Lots of examples where small cap bios don't run into news. I wouldn't jump to any conclusions that anyone knows anything. I remember hgsi back in 2009, traded between $2.20-$2.60 for weeks leading up to news. The Friday before data release it jumped up to low $3's and Monday closed at $12.

    • I believe It is day traders who buy and sell on 10 percent profit. for example, Sheff sold again on the run to 2.6. Shorts also tried to kill every rally and short interest has increased from Oct 15 to Oct 31.

    • Hi there - I have been long this stock since before it ran up prior to the last failed PIII trial - so I have scoured the data just like all the other longs around here. With respect to Uli that is just the way he is - in fact I think he (and Roger) sounded more confident on the last CC than they ever have. At one point one of the analysts asked how long the 015 trial would continue and he immediately piped in "Once we are on the market!" (no coughs that I heard). It is a human trial and there is subjectivity to the SAPS measurements - so they is always a possibility that the trial will fail - that is why we will be rewarded so well when they announce great results - You have to risk money to make it! Final thought with respect to the ATM - who knows if they sold more last week on that run to 2.60 - frankly I could care less - the fact that they conservatively raised 7 million was IMO very good news for shareholders as this buys them more time (after good results) to negotiate good terms on a partnership. You would have to be concerned if it was fully executed prior to data release. Look at it this way - of course they know how the trial is going that is why they left 13 million on the ATM. Good luck to all and may this be the Merriest of Holidays. LONG AND STRONG ACAD

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