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  • golfmaniac93 golfmaniac93 Nov 12, 2012 4:55 PM Flag

    AF and other "coincidental" articles.

    It's not a secret anymore that ATM issuances suppressed any possible run up during October. As of late though I still thought we could have seen a bit of a pop, definitely after the CC on the 5th. However, Adam Feuerstein and PropThink came out with articles casting doubt over ACADIA which destroyed those chances too.

    Question is, why? It is more than a coincidence that those articles were published when they were. Is he trying to pull the price down for HF buddies so they can load up shares at these levels? What gives?

    Also, everyday one or two huge blocks go through for 150K-250K shares. Look at the 5 day chart on here, you'll see what I mean. Can anything be read into that?

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    • for anyone to think that feuerstein knows anything about trial design or statistics is giving him far more credit than he deserves. the only information that he knows or understands comes from his consultations with experts in the field that know about these matters. if you review the previous trials you will see that the 40 dose didn't fail. and this is the dose that ACAD is testing in it's current trial. this is a "no-brainer" folks. if there was ever a trial that was going to succeed, this is it. the only caveat is, that they have competent evaluators of the symptoms/endpoints, then this should be a go.

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      • Well, I'm very long about 150k shares. First off, hedge funds are not toying with this tiny stock. I get so tired of hearing about MM and such. So what is going on? Re arranging of risk. People r preparing the position for how many shares they r willing to hold thru results. As a result, they are selling the 'runup' shares. Are u getting more scared? I am... With that said, the 40 dose did fail. However, it did show signs of efficacy. People claim it didn't fail when using post hoc statistical analysis accounting for this and not that...I do think this is a good indicator, but does not equate to a theoretical successful trail. I think the trail will be a success, I actually hope it will. Bc this is unusually its either worth $7 or .35 cents. That's why its so tepid. Spooksies'

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