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  • krazed_hipster krazed_hipster Mar 22, 2013 4:30 PM Flag


    The Hipster TRIED tlo warn you fools. Told you they were gonna dump it, but no. You bought more, right??
    How do you like it now???

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    • u did bro I took your advice an shorted at 8.59 an cover at 7.75 to soon maybe ill short the bounce momday if cramer likes this it the kiss of death thanks

    • Good. More opportunity to buy while it's cheap. We're in this thing long term. Get your 10% gain and be gone. I'm looking for 1000% plus gain on this one.

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      • im half way there but looking for way over 1000%

      • You got that right. Only a fool would not want to be long this diamond in the rough. Come talk to me in December 2013. I'll take my tiny bumps now, it give me another chance to load the boat. Come December I'll be laughing all the way to the bank. Good luck to all.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Absolutely....I have been scaling in and will do more. Calling a pullback after a big run-up is like telling someone they are going to get a ticket while driving 100mph on cruise control....tough call! Regardless of what Orelli or shorts say, this stock has legs and LOTS of support from the big investor community like the Baker Bros (look at their track record!) & Jeffries - target of $13 prior to presentation. But, let's not forget about the patients and families that this product would potentially help since that is what the FDA and others will be focusing on. Part of the risk/benefit scenario data that they will review are outcomes observed within the AAN presentation. Is there less risk or more? Answer: NO additional adverse event and side effect issues were brought forward (urinary tract infections and falls were hilighted). Couple this with current meetings of thought leaders and government officilas within the community to relax regulations so that these patients can get the help they need. As an investor, less risk is present than where we were just 1 or 3 months ago. What about the benefit scenario? Answer: The results were known prior to the presentation to some, however, what we did not know is the degree of acceptance of this data by the physician community....quoting Dr. Jeffrey Cummings, ..... pimavanserin "has the potential to transform the standard of care by providing an effective, safe and well tolerated treatment for patients suffering from this large unmet medical need." So who is Dr. Cummings??? Search his bio....he is a very well respected opinion leader in the field, award winner for his research, former Director of Neurotherapeutics at UCLA, and current Director of the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health! Bottom-line, the basis behind the jump is not over-optimism, but rooted in the responses from those likely to prescribe and use it.

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