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  • anderbest18 anderbest18 Apr 12, 2013 4:44 AM Flag

    Funny how all shorts are so scared here!!! Telling the longs this will need to fall back to the 11 range... LMAO

    We will test 16 bucks today!!
    This is a 20-30 dollar stock right now!

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    • And you are a pumper and a dreamer. 40 million shares traded yesterday because many day traders wanted to get action when good news came out. Reality sets in today and at $13 it is easy for traders short term to male profit 20% by shorting . There weren't many shorts 5 million that are trapped before this and they will be shorting more now than ever .to make up for losses . Don't listen to me and you will receive a free 20% haircut

    • not if I buy it it will drop the 5 points and more!!!!!!!!!! seriously though there has to be a pull back right.??? sold at 4 only had 1000 shares and #$%$ about it but I cant see buying at these levels. Congratulations to all who have had it for awhile though I do hope it continues up. Not a short or basher just looking at it from outside in. Again i hope it does continue to rise. I hope a short got seriously hurt. Im hoping it happens in arna and kerx and all the other manipulated the F&U*C*K out of stocks that re out there.

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    • They are scared to death and they should be. Large institutions will continue to acquire huge blocks and the float will tighten. Shorts are in really deep...some will be forced to cover. I love it...they play the odds but every now and then they just get beat down because their ignorance is exposed.

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