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  • joebones64 joebones64 Apr 13, 2013 4:32 PM Flag

    Many have asked, Joe, what is coming next?

    I urge many biotech investors to be patient with some of the criticism that Acadia has received recently. We have recently gain national attention and a lot of of new people are writing about Acadia and they obviously have no idea how small bio tech companies work. i.e. comments like Acadia has no revenue steam or price is to high years away from approval. Yeah tell that to PCYC.

    At every step of the process I always enjoy reading what the critics have to say. Is $12 to high for Acadia, what price is to high if you believe it is individual investors are causing the stock to go up. It is the large banks that cause this stock to go up and down because if you are a individual investors and investing millions in the stock market well you are a idiot.

    What is next, well follow the pattern of the large banks folks. Many in my circle feel that a partnership deal is coming. Just like you woke up and saw us up $5 the same thing will happen soon but a lot more dollars. Other posters have pointed out ( The Crecy Knight) large pharma companies are constantly in competition to earn more revenue and looking at that next billion dollar drug. I believe a very lucrative partnership will be announce, a buyout is a possibility but I am just playing the odds game when it comes to that part of my research, it doesn't happen to often but of course we all know it can. I see a commercial partnership that will total 800 million over the next few years.

    Good Trading


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    • B-Guy,

      I know it would seem strange if you were in a different sector that a stock would be $12 or even go higher even though it makes no revenue but this is biotech. People invest on what the outcome will be years from now. So the fact that ACAD has no revenue doesn't matter what makes or breaks the company if it will get its drug approved and each step that ACAD completes gives investors more hope, passing PH1, PH2, PH3, the FDA saying don't worry about another trial, a big pharma company coming in and striking an agreement, the company doesn't make any money until the drug gets approve but the reason why we are so hopeful is if you look at the data their is a good chance it will pass, so why not buy the stock now when it is $12 as oppose to $30?. Development biotechs companies work a lot different than your traditional companies, more risk but higher reward.

    • Sorry Joe, you cant partner with someone to manufacture, sell, or distribute a drug that is not yet FDA approved. Never in history has a company made a partnership to distribute a drug still in the clinical phase. We all know NDA isn't being filed until later in 2014, so It is impossible for approval to come "at any time" when ACAD hasn't applied for it. THRX filed theirs in July, 2012, and just finally got the FDA advisory committee review today, now they have to wait at least another month for FDA approval. Even with fast tracking, they aren't going to endanger the public by rushing to judgment.

      You and everyone else can try calling this criticism, but the sad truth is that is being realistic.

    • I am glad I could help!

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    • daviscupper Apr 14, 2013 8:32 PM Flag

      Thanks Joe, you have been one of the lead posters for some time

    • Would not surprise me if they are not negotiating a deal as we talk. I for one would not want to wake up some morning and see this flying.

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      • "I for one would not want to wake up some morning and see this flying". Unless you are long, as many are. The short contingent on this board apparently believes ACAD will just deflate after the recent run-up, like many biotechs do. However, they are not considering how important this anti-psychotic will be going forward, considering the safety profile and efficacy, compared to the leading anti-psychotic medications currently approved. The short crowd will help to push this much higher when additional positive news is announced.

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