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  • rbg5r rbg5r Apr 24, 2013 9:11 PM Flag

    Who cares who is short or not?? Why do so many people get hung up on short sellers? If this company has the goods

    you will make plenty of money. if it doesnt it is a 3 dollar stock. dont show your ignorants posting to shorts. shorts dont post, nor read message boards. you may find a couple of 2 dollar put buyers. but thats it.

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    • The hardcore longs here are trading on emotion. They let the hype of drug in clinical phases that relieves symptoms of Parkinsons guide them rather than looking at fundamentals and reality.

    • You must be new. Your the only one that isn't interested; why The entire world scans this MB for investment guidance, Cramer at CNBC for one follows all the comments, and then bases his buy,buy,buy, and sell,sell,sell, recommendations on what the posters say. And he is not alone, hedge funds also rely this MB for leads to many other company prospects besides ACAD which are posted here on a daily basis. Many fortunes have been made following the short sellers advice on this MB, the successful ones post a hourly report on their results. You may want to take a more serious look, and perhaps pick up some good tips for yourself

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