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  • biotrader1 biotrader1 Jun 11, 2013 11:02 AM Flag

    Question for the shorts

    Since the reg on this board have for a long time been reading about how this is going to 5-6-7-8-9-10.... If you had just bought some when it was at 6-8-10-12... can you say with a straight face that you wouldn't be way ahead right now? I myself have read the same few saying this is going down for over 10 pts and some even more. Your logic has not worked yet and even the board has been buying this at over 15! Just buy some Just do it! or we going to read it is going down when we cross the 30 mark? Nik

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    • They are narrow minded, short sighted, greedy and basically stupid. So easy to just go long - sit back and let the newbies and dimwitted shorts do the heavy lifting. They are the type that make a few pennies while risking thousands. Their kids eat top Ramen for dinner and they drive 8 year old Toyota's. They are the losers of life. You can't talk sense to them...the best you can do is just put them on IGNORE, nature will weed them out. If we could only get them to stop procreating...thank God they can now buy the Plan B.

    • while there is nothing wrong with shorting a stock,,,

      many people , some who happen to be shorters of stock,

      are just angry and miserable and it hurts them more when others are


      those who short and are good people say they are short b/c of a run up etc or they dont like the product

      but those who are vitriolic in nature, need the aggravation

      and want you to enjoy their misery

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