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  • rmdr21 rmdr21 Oct 11, 2013 6:50 PM Flag

    Another form 4

    another 10000 shares sold at 21.61

    I am really beginning to wonder now. Assan (sp) sold out of the indirect shares. Owns a big fat zero now. What the heck? I just bought in a couple of days ago @ 23.52. Up day and this goes down?

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    • Open your eyes. This dude just started with yahoo on the 11th.. What a slimy bashing #$%$

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    • I went on Nasdaq website and looked under Insider Holdings (Form 4). Fourth row from top on 10/1/13 CFO appears to exercise 22,500 options giving him Shares Held (far right column) of 54,085. On same date (rows above) it shows "automatic sell" of 30,000 shares and the far right column shows "Shares Held" at 24,085.
      It seems to me it was an auto sale and he still has 24k shares. Anyone agree or am I not interpretting this correctly? thx

    • U need to do some research on executive compensation, tax laws and stop posting about something u know nothing about at this time....

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      • What's your problem dude? I just posted what I did and read. NP. You must admit, it would have been more confirming for to this rise with the Nasdaq on Friday. I'm definitely not saying I beleive this will not go up, but how low is the question. The shorters want this to break $20. The last time it did, I thought triggers would have gone off and it would spike down. I now believe the triggers were set at a higher price (we saw those occur) and now at $20 more have set them in place - I did right below $20, but I'l be out hopefully before then.. I'd hate to see it break $20 again. Just saying...Most people do use stop losses. I am assuming you don't.

    • Don't forget that she is worth millions. She doesn't need the money like the rest of us. I would guess her plan is to just sell when she gets the options and it doesn't matter what happens long term. Remember that she will get more shares every year no matter what.

    • Aasen has good timing when he sold. The BOD member who sold did not. She was a bit slow on the trigger. I recall that Aasen got a very nice options package not all that long ago. He probably has plenty of unexercised options out there.

      You guys also have to remember that these company insiders are not investors like Baker Bros. They are prone to getting too worked up and sometimes too caught up to exercise perfectly.

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      • Also, there may have been an opening for them to sell. We don't know when they have their blackout periods. There are automatic selling plans and I'm sure they have these. However, proactive selling (not planned) cannot just happen at any time. There are periods when this can occur. It may be that Acadia will be heading into intensive business development discussions in the coming weeks/months and these insiders will not longer be able to let go of shares. It's just my opinion that such business development talks will take place, but certainly trading is not allowed when there is insider information that can influence the gain/loss significantly.

    • These sales are determined likely at the beginning of the year.

    • In the long run could double your money. next time monitor the support and resistance, you will see not much support till 18-19+. so buying higher than that is perhaps buy a little high for whats going on now.

    • Running a company and stock market are very different things. the directors might have big faith in their work however at the end of the day they are investors on stock market just like we are and if the sector goes down or they feel like they need to take profits to support thier life style..they do. she sold 10k of her position which was bought at $1.30. up they today ? No... Not in bio sector.. we had last week many down days on dow and acadia was hitting 52 week highs daily going into first 3 days of govn't shutdown. i purchased a lot lower than you, however i do feel confident so i added to my position started in 08' at $19.95 two days ago and $21.35 today bringing my average way up. glta. i don't belive in bio bubble, there is way to much money still to be made and we should start move up mid next week regardless of playground in dc situation.

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    • rosettawest Oct 11, 2013 8:30 PM Flag

      Are you enjoying the Yahoo message boards? I see you joined today.

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