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  • ri66 ri66 Oct 19, 2013 4:43 PM Flag

    Positive technicals without any fundamental news

    The 1yr and 1month MACD and OBV and relative strength look like a bottom and a move up are imminent. Next week the PPS will be higher. Not my opinion just an accurate read on the technicals, the fundamentals have not changed: positive EMA action in the months ahead with news of the trial also coming within the next month or so. So in the absence of fundamental drivers the technicals take over!

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    • we get tail winds from larger market plus all the stops already been cleared all the way down to $23, I think we should moved higher on Monday, in my opinion, not many retail shares are left to at lower prices

    • ri66,

      I agree with your view. What I look at is the big picture. As long as fundamental doesn't change, then ACAD is long term buy and it will go a lot higher in next 2-3 years. PDP+ADP+SCH market is unbelievable huge. $24 per share will be a joke two years from today....

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I hope your observation proves to be the right one, and that mine does not unfold;
      Candlesticks warned us today to be on alert with a new bearish pattern. Market attention is now on the downside. Based on this pattern, in response to emerging market bearishness the system established new confirmation and stop loss levels. The signal tells us to STAY LONG, but the chance of a bearish confirmation that will change the signal to SHORT is very high. The Delayed Intraday Module is ON. Given the risks involved, we strongly suggest you to follow price movements on an intraday basis. SHORT is a dangerous signal. Sudden increases in prices can lead to huge losses. For this reason stop loss levels must be kept in mind at all times and SHORT orders must never be placed without a stop loss.

    • I see the weekly MACD and stochastics are really battered with no engulfing candle sticks. Technicals don't really apply with the way this has been trading- with the massive sell-off and small bounce to the high 24s. Fundamentals are still in tact. Sell-off was likely driven by 1. profit taking 2. rebalancing 3. some shorts exploiting the drop 4. triggering stops ...the cycle continues to profit taking forcing longs and traders to lock in profits at lower prices while the hedgies scoop up shares for the long haul.

      Again, I don't see the technicals helping us in this regard. Just know where you stand long and strong or scared of short term movements? Barring any huge surprises on the retail side (since we are navigating shark infested waters in a slick of chum) holding here, or even adding at nice dips seems to be the right play.

      Sentiment: Buy

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      • The group as a whole has traded down with the gubmint debacle and then there was Cramer coming out to help the hedgies in a general downtrend, most of my pics like: halo, ampe, nktr, etc were down, just ACAD was hit with the Cramer smear and this week ahead we have none of those drivers and so if volume keeps up above average the shorts won't have their way and should cover adding to the increasingly positive on balance volume.
        In my humble opinion.

    • Agree nothing has changed, except now we have little support ( and resistance), and Cramer telling all his sheep to sell ACAD. So we might have to wait a while to get all that over with.

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      • Cramer, whata douche he makes himself right when he says sell sell sell, but for a minute-- ACADIA is too promising to just sell on no news-- as was said by a previous poster elsewhere, the Company should roll out a press release evera now and again just to let us longs know what the situation is with enrollment or active trials or something, otherwise we just have Cramer settin the tone. But the technicals are loudly turning the corner with a potential convergence in the MACD, and that is promising as a support measure and a newer up leg.

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