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  • smithlewis89 smithlewis89 Nov 7, 2013 7:40 PM Flag

    My take on CC ...

    EVERTHING on track. These guys are really planning to take this thing to market in US and "may or may not need partner for EU". Not much shortterm chance of buyout (so pps may slump as those holding for quick double may move on). Strongest worded references to ADP and "other neurological disorders" to date(IMO). I'll admit that I have not thought it possible for this size co. to go to market by themselves , but I now think MAYBE they can .... and in long run that will be much more profitable for shareholders. Watching from $29 to $21 has not been fun , but I now think even more that this move is of no real consequence , and to that end I added 1K shares Wed. @ $20.88 (hey , I'm up a penny already !).


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    • Honestly, big pharma has to be eyeing ACAD, and if the clinical data on ADP is as good as PDP, I can easily envision a bidding war - but this could be a year from now. If you don't need the $$, don't worry about share price fluctuations week-to-week and month-to-month. Realistically, the time-horizon is 2-3 years for an easy triple, or a buyout by the end of 2014.

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    • Hi Buddy,
      I actually think things are ahead of track. I am not trying to pump it, but how does one ignore the fact that Acadia is talking about 3 month stability tests presented to FDA? We went from the company mantra of 12 months to 3 months in a heartbeat.
      while the commencement of the -019 ADP trial this month is on track, the design and location allows for a faster trial in my opinion. I also think the focus of giving allthe business to one network of long term facilities allows for more favorable pricing, but that is secondary.
      Hiring 46 (or 48) employees for key positions is more than on track in my opinion. More room to go? Absolutely, but very goodprogress for one quarter.
      Europe appears to be on target.
      This will take time to play out, but clearly they are 6 months ahead in termsre of NDA for PDP and in my opinion they are about 6 months ahead on results for ADP -019 trial. I expect results around Feb 2015.
      Don't know when the stock price goes up...don't care. It will happen, that much I am certain.

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      • tblant- u r 100% correct about being 6 months ahead of schedule, why would they talk about 3 month if they had to go with 1 year, this is great news and acad as always being very conservative.

      • T , I dont disagree that some things are on a fast track , but that means they are on A track , as oposed to falling off the track. Talked to my CPA today and he suggested , as has the wifey , that I take some off the table in ACAD... I didnt listen to him either ... but I did tell him that I would explain why next week when I go to his office. I'm hoping to get him to buy some and maybe we can negotiate his fee for 2014 and beyond! You still @ 80 ? I'm 22 now.

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