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  • artfuldodger3016 artfuldodger3016 Sep 21, 2004 4:50 PM Flag

    Carb craze over. . .

    Italian food is very healthy.The vitamin C in the tomatoes the garlic is good for the heart.Pasta is good also in moderation.The cheeses are rich in vitamin D and calcium and not to mention easily digestable for those who are lactose intolerent. My wife gets ill from drinking milk but loves her pizza. No problems there. I once went on a pizza diet ! slice each meal with a diet soft drink lost tons of weight and was very healthy from it. Better than the subway diet.that was twenty years ago but I should go on a garlic zing or pesto on pizza diet and do the subway deal I could stand to lose 90 pounds.Wonder if they want to sponser me 6 months ill be ready for commercials lol.