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  • rflowers Jan 26, 2005 1:29 PM Flag


    low priced stocks with big div. look at WSCI and AII

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    • AII is a high dividend because the price fell so quickly, and revenue fell 50%. . .don't look for them to be able to service the dividend. . .just like MRK - now paying over 5% but only because the price has come down form over $80 a share a few years ago!. . .I will stick with nice safe companies that generate income, year after year. . .like ARMF and my beloved Chevron!. . .our family has owned Chevron since 1955, and there is now enough (due to splits) to fund our retirements. Also Dow Chemical is another nice buy and hold - held in family since 1961. . .btw - even Pacific Gas (which the family has had since the 1940's) is back above its pre-BK price. . .I bought another 1000 shares of that at $9 during the BK, and have a $25 a share increase.