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  • nematode_speculator nematode_speculator Jan 21, 2002 4:13 PM Flag

    RE: 401 K

    Could anyone inform me whether this person "Louis" (also sometimes known as "Wendy") is misinformed or a disgruntled employee or what? Of all the boards to pick, why this one?

    Sometimes when I make a real lot of money on a stock, as I have on FAF, I wonder who the corresponding person is who is, for lack or a better word, is the "loser" on the transaction. That is, if I'm pulling big bucks out of a stock, that somebody, somewhere, is REALLY steaming mad. Like, you know, mad enought to go off the, uh, "deep end." Could that be you, Louis/Wendy? Are you the guy/gal who bought my stock at $38 and $33. Just curious.

    Best for luck with your "crusade."

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    • Hi Worm -
      Glad to see you made money on FAF; I have also. Frankly, its about the only stock I continually do well with.
      Louis Leclezio is a psuedo developer from the State of Washington. My understanding is that he entered into a whacky scheme with some partners to develop an early American theme park in Washington where he would parade around in a George Washington uniform and scare the hell out of any visitors. Of course, it went belly-up and he lost a lot of money which, according to another member of this board, belonged to his daddy. Louey who, as you know, suffers from some significant problems, blamed his partners, the title company, his lawyers and everyone else he ever came in contact with. He brought a lawsuit against First American under some demented theory and was, of course, thrown out of court. Now, he blames the Judge, his lawyers, FAF,his former partners and a host of others, all of whom, he accuses as being part of a conspiracy to defraud him.
      He operates under numerous IDs on this and other title company BBs in addition to impersonating other members of the board (past and present) and executives of FAF. Once you have seen a number of his posts, you can easily recognize the real Louey - they make no sense.
      That, in a nutshell, is Louey (Wendy is supposed to be his wife, but I am not gender-convinced with regard to good old Louey). He provides the humor on this board, but can get to be tiring. There are others on this board who can fill in some of the gaps, and I hope they will if they are watching.

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