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  • seanhannityy seanhannityy Feb 3, 2013 2:21 PM Flag

    what's up with these strong buy posts???

    I see this firm as having no cash, high reseach a development costs and posted as a strong buy from guys like assumption. what's up with that .

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    • If they can make it, the buy recommendation will seem like a great idea. It's easy to put a strong buy out on Apple at $700, but that hasn't worked out so well either. Hard to say whether this pay off or not, but if it's going to work, now is the time to buy in.

    • Its just my opinion Mr. Hannity. I am basically a riverboat gambler (really stock market gambler) and have made big bets on small caps and options in my life and am right more often than wrong. Thats all - just my opinion. I think this thing is going to hit really big just maybe not for another 3-9 months. This economy sucks and that is what inhibited Aehrs performance last quarter. The key metric I am watching is Auto and Tablet sales. Those numbers are going to strike magic in Aehrs bottom line in a few quarters no matter what happens with the Spansion wafer paks in my opinion. They just need to make sure they have enough cash to last and its obvious to me that they will have the cash given the inventory accounting which will increase cash going forward in my opinion providing them a reprieve for a few quarters until sales jump toward 7-10 million a quarter by Calendar year end. Good luck and well see is Assum the gambler is right or wrong.

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