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  • assumption88888 assumption88888 Jan 9, 2014 9:02 PM Flag

    The Numbers

    AEHR has always indicated that this fiscal year was back-ended (last 2 quarters) and that the real strong sales would not start til this quarter that we are now in. They produced a profit ahead of schedule. There may be some initial selling on the open (with very light volume) but stock will continue its uptrend. Any correction here will be for about 20-30 minutes and it will quickly find footing (maybe not up tomorrow but footing will be found quick-2.80-2.90 will produce strong demand. That being said, I haven't listened to the conference call yet but plan to in the next hour and will report back. I didn't see the transcript show up yet

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    • Well, I was right we found footing at 2.80 to 2.90. I just thought it would have went down early. I was kind of surprised someone tried to hold it up at 3.20 half the morning. AEHR will break out soon but today wasn't the day. This company can realistically earn 30-50 cents a share in Fiscal 2015. If they had 3 cents yesterday what will they report when they have 7 million or 10 million in sales in a few quarters. The smart money did not sell any shares here. Keep an eye out for insider sales. If they sell, time to run but most semi companies are showing good demand, especially the ones that supply to autos. I may even buy some options on Spansion because I think it is getting ready to have a big break out. If they earn 3 cents for the next 3 quarters we are trading at a 25 P/E. If they earn 50 cents next year, we are trading at a PE of 6. Watch for those large repeat system and wafer Pak orders coming thru soon I hope. Where is that elusive new Fox customer we have been waiting for.

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      • Good call assumption8888. Overall, I thought it was a pretty good day. Perhaps most of the short term traders cleared out.

        If you go back to 2008, before the world crashed in on them, they had revenues of about $39 million. Taking out special events, they would have had earnings of about $0.75 per share for the year. Not sure they can get the same margins, but it seems a reasonable target. Don't forget we still have about $31 million in potential tax savings. That is a big bonus that would allow rebuilding a cash cushion or investing in new business, etc.

        From one of my earlier posts:

    • Just listened to call. Like I said, steady as she goes. AEHR is not going back down. Maybe a tick down on the open to 2.80-2.90 and then a quick footing. I wouldn't be surprised if AEHR announces a few major contracts by the end of the month. It sounds as if everything is on track. AEHR has technology that no one else has and that technology is finally in a sustained demand environment. I would tend to bet that if AEHR shares don't continue to move higher they will be bought out for over $5 per share because competitors cant develop competing technology that cheap or in a timely fashion and this technology is in a demand that will continue to get greater and greater every quarter imho.

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