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  • mor_ze mor_ze Sep 9, 2009 1:12 PM Flag

    value before and after dilution

    I suspect 3 things currently are priced in PPS of CRBC:

    1. nearly 100% of coming dilution
    2. 50% of management stupidity
    3. 50% current economic environment

    I and we here pretty sure know the possible upside of this stock $1.5-$3. What about max downside it still may have? As I mentioned earlier I hold 50K shares average @ 0.655 and my stop loss is @ 0.5. Now i am in doubt - shall I move stop loss lower and be ready to add some 20K @ 0.5 or just sell this stock for negligible profit to the one who believes more in CEO's care about shareholders?

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    • I totally agree with your(CR) sensible analysis on this. Only time will tell we're are on to something or not. I'd like to suggest K to share the board with other sensible opinion even if it is different than yours. Let's be civil, productive and make money!

    • You are a complete Moron, got it? What kind of stupid name is Kella anyway?

      When you rode the short bus to school, did you get your head bashed in every day, is that why you are so stupid, or is it because you already spent your welfare check and don't have your Pabst Blue Ribbon?

      Now, I am going to help you Kella the Klown. But first, do you want to be called Kella the Klown or do you want to be called Sh*t for brains?

      I like both for you. Now when you answer me which name you want to go by, I am going to give you a computer link. The computer link I give you is going to keep you busy on your Acer computer in your "tailer home".

      Deal SFB?

    • Dude, I saved the dog´s life and it was in the front yard of the neighbors house, big houses, back then some of the most expensive in the nation out there. They had a huge yard, I was in a house on a hill looking down over it, an amazing scene.

      They said thank you, I believe. Their dog was going to be killed so I tackled mine, punched the other dog so it would not bite me or the ladies and pried my dogs jaws open to let it go.

      They also realized that they could have been bit so I scolded the frantic women and for all I know they said thank you for that.

      Afterwards they tried to lecture me or say my dog was wrong and I snapped at them back saying it wasn´t.

    • Wow, what did the other people in the mobile home park say about you punching dogs Kella?

    • Wow that is pretty nasty, and calling you the terrier was going too far, I had almost taken that out and I apologize on that one. But that was after you said I kicked puppies. I really doubt you are a puppy, but FWIW sorry if I offended. Now, why don´t you shut up and leave me alone with this bozo plan and get the CEO to think up a rational one that doesn´t leave this stock stuck sub $1. If that happens I will probably stop posting, or at least I will calm down and only post occassionally trying to be nice.

      This CEO proposed a radical plan that IMHO could have fleeced the longstanding shareholders here, I have every right to be here bashing at her plan.

      Two days and she could not get the vote needed, it has failed, why don´t they just think of a more rational plan that won´t. FWIW my view is that a skilled and dedicated CEO would rise to the occassion and say gee, you know, the shareholders may be right, the markets certainly don´t like the plan as proposed. They can say things like the markets have improved, it is not as bad as feared, things are looking up, but the bottom line is that they come up with a less drastic plan.

      Asset sales and the sale of the company are also considered by others, why they haven´t even mentioned they were considering such things strikes me as kind of odd.

      I punched the dog that was in my dog´s jaws to save its life, and I will not and should not apologize for it. My dog had jaws almost like a hyena´s and it was not letting go. Fights like that are vicious, my dog had been flipping it like a doll into the ground despite two ladies pulling at him, and that dog would never look too good after that one, but hey, at least I saved it to hobble around. I also did it so it would not bite one of the ladies, and maybe to show them it was serious and they should step away.

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    • Oops, I forgot to review all the insults you have done to me:

      you called me "girlie"
      "you´re the spoiled terrier"
      "Mommy gave you a silver spoon"
      "offensive POS"
      "You sir, are truly an @#$%"
      "I will be looking for your posts as a Fudd indicator"
      "You really don´t know anything about value"
      "can already see you are so FOS"

      And don't forget...You admitted to punching an adult dog and laughed because your dog hurt that dog - and you said I represented the "spoiled terrier" that you punched and your dog chewed up. Good thing I didn't take that the wrong way!

      The preferred conversions that I have been studying for the past few months were BAC, C, CIT, CRBC, and one other small offshore bank that I can't remember the symbol for. The "C" conversion offer was $3.25 at 100% of par and the common was priced at $1.95 on the day of the announcement. I remember being surprised that it was at a premium.

      Now shut up and leave me alone.

    • Yeah, on that last one agreed. I apologize if I offended too, but I thought my puppy story pretty much sums this one up.

      And you need not apologize anyway, just don´t accuse me of attacking or insulting you after you implied that I kicked puppies.

      Unbelievable, they had two days to get approval for their plan, and they want more time, you would think they would get the message and announce they are rethinking it.

    • Fine. I apologize if I hurt your feelings in any way whatsoever. Let me apologize individually for each of the following:

      ¨After 20 years, you still don't get that?¨

      My apology: You're right. I could have taken the high ground. Oh well. I'm sorry.

      ¨If you don't like your CEO, I suppose you always have the option of selling your stock. Last time I looked, there were a few thousand other opportunities out there. But then you would probably have to vent your anger by kicking helpless puppies instead of yelling at strangers on message boards.¨

      My apology: Oops, you caught me again. You can't blame a guy for trying to slip in a twisted humorous insult. I'm sorry.

      ¨I could go on, but that should be enough ammunition for you to now call me names and get all work up.¨

      You know what. I'm not going to apologize for this one. Apparently, I called it spot on.

    • Glad to hear that rigamarole. Really couldn´t care less at this point.

      If you care to read this thread again, corporatrobot started with the insults.

      You have your views, I have mine, I think you both, perhaps as preferred shareholders promoting a 1B share dilution for a well capitalized company, have gone off the deep end.

      Don´t worry, one way or another they will resolve this thing and then I plan not to post here.

      I tend to stick to stocks in companies where shareholders don´t run around giving their CEOs 1B shares, then accusing those who object as being off the deep end, and I look forward to no longer bothering to post here.

    • ¨I didn't realize that I was going to be attacked, insulted and cross-examined for trying to be helpful. No good deed goes unpunished.¨

      Gee, after I pointed out the facts and asked for some examples and did not call you one name, you implied conversations with me were a pissing contest, you said I was venting anger and would kick puppies, and you said I was yelling at strangers.

      Then you accuse me of insulting or attacking?

      I resent that corporaterobot, like your justification for this capital plan you seem to be promoting, it seems that you make it up as you go along.

      You sound like a preferred holder who wants a whole bunch of shares, but you may not even understand that if it was done differently all the interests could score on the field here.

      You however, seem to think that the common should be trashed in this, as if you can just get a bunch of shares in a 1B share company and they will be worth a lot. Then you say you are insulted after you insult me, a common shareholder in this.

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