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  • CorporateRobot CorporateRobot Sep 21, 2009 11:06 AM Flag

    So is it really diliution??

    I never said the stock would go up after the plan was "approved". I said it would take a dip first and then slowly go up after the plan is "implemented". In fact, I said that this particular behavior in the stock price made buying the stock attractive for both short-term traders and long-term investors. To be fair, I thought this dip would start next Monday rather than today.

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    • Oh, excuse me, you said that

      Q Huge Upside = True
      Deal won't be done = False
      Dilution still coming = True
      Most (but not all) of Dilution priced in = True
      Stock will recover after dilution = True UnQ

      So no, technically, you did not say that, but untechnically some might conclude you did.

      It is always the same with you, since you have he CEO on your side and are simply trading this hoping for a massive dilution so you get more shares, you will always score playing a dog and pony show CEO who is making shortterm decisions, hope you end up knowing how much weaker it makes the company.

      Just one example, the vote failed because the CEO did not raise enough votes, then she just extended the voting which is not normal in all the other companies I invest in. And you said

      Q Well, no it did not fail. Technically, the meeting was adjourned. It will probably pass or fail tomorrow unQ.

      It failed the next day, yet you and she then so ungraciously took your words back and failed to admit it and extended the vote, stacking the deck against the longs who opposed this plan.

      Then you go on and on saying it never failed.

      Blech to your company and your shares and your shortsighted moves, it is a junk stock now, the company is worth less, and maybe only a cease and desist order would fix it. If that ever did occur, somehow in your mind you would say you were right all along despite the fact you said openly and repeatedly this plan was necessary to get a second TARP.