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  • onedayyyyyyy onedayyyyyyy Dec 22, 2009 10:18 AM Flag

    just a word of advice

    nasdaq delists stocks that trade under $1 for 10 consecutive days and crbc has done this for over 3 months.
    Theres been a fellow from here going over to cpf and saying crbc is better then cpf I thought I would come here and tell you about the nasdaq thing.

    just my opinion, so take it as you will.

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    • There´s actually a few folks from here that went over there, after some clowns from CPF got on here and came up with the laughable statement that CPF was better capitalized, the FDIC obviously doesn´t think so and the number also show the opposite.

      If you happen to be referring to me, note that I was no that messageboard starting in the $3s, and have been right about it so far.

      Contain your bashers from there who make presposterously stupid claims like that one is better capitalized than ones like this one, and you might not get the fallout from it.

      That messageboard ìs not very realistic anyway to the extent they pretend that thing will not dilute large, maybe they might not but they will be left with razor thin buffers on their capital requirements.

      Go read the FDIC agreement, bud. If the nasdaq hasn´t bothered with noticing that one for going sub $1 it is because it was not below $1 that long, or because they might figure that there is a fail chance of failure there anyway so why bother?

    • they have till march 2010 to get back to a dollar...get yout info correct

    • hey good call guy. u need to get ur facts straight before you post. They have till March to comply with the $1.00 thing so they will be fine. thanks though