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  • thcbne thcbne Feb 2, 2010 12:32 PM Flag

    We all know if this stock jumps from $.69 to $79

    And down down it goes.If this stays on the Market is a good question.

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    • Sorry, exeter, but I am kicking myself for not selling at $0.95 and making a 20K profit. Maybe I was too greedy. I didn't think missing earnings estimates by $0.04 would drop it so far.

      Again, $1.50 is perhaps being a bit overly optimistic. But I do understand that we need to appease ourselves somehow!

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      • CRBC is making moves and I am happy they threw out the F&M right after earnings.

        When the first short begins to cover he tells his buddy that he is pulling back and the best thing about vulture shorters they will roll their buddy under the bus so the chain reaction will happen just like it did a couple of months ago when the shorts went from 42,000,000 shorts to 16,000,000.

        I think for this $11,900,000,000 bank 10.5 months from turning to a profit making moves to free up cash will easily be $1.50, easily $1.50. My hopes is were go to $2.00 to $3.00 quickly. Michigan is getting back on their feet. 2 years ago you could buy a house in a rough neighborhood for $10,000, now its $20,000 to $30,000. Employment stopped racing up up up up up and has stayed at 15% which means the panic is over and now that Michigan manufacturing and auto industry has flattened out a lot of panic is leaving and optimism is setting in. Were in a great place for an easy return of 100-300% this year. No complaints from my clients or trading accounts with CRBC I am very happy right now.