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  • kabtb kabtb Apr 30, 2010 5:56 PM Flag

    Wish investors luck

    Wish everyone luck, I´ve pretty much finished building my portfolio and am off to go fishing.

    While I may check in once in a while I won´t be following things closely enough for any substantive input.

    FWIW, I always thought this messageboard a good one which I know has helped me in my own investing so I thank everyone and wish you all luck. Pretty soon I probably won´t be up on the details enough to offer any real input anyway, but I am sure others will here.

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    • Good Luck and thanks for all your keen market insights. I'm a real small equity investor and new on top of this. I've taken huge losses on abk and tsfg but made some of it back in CRBC. Two quick questions when you have the time. I'm on the sidelines right now and am looking to get back in. Question #1)What is a good target price to buy CRBC for a long position this week and #2) Do you have any cheap short stocks that one might could recoup some losses?
      Thanks again for sharing all of your knowledge and may God Bless you and yours.
      Donnie B

      • 1 Reply to cordova122
      • Donnie B, with all due respect, only a fool would risk their hard-earned $$$ investing or trading when they have no training, knowledge or experience. From your post, it's clear that you believe that all one has to do is post to chat boards in order to learn how to invest.

        You have been posting on Yahoo! for the past 7 yrs and here you are today telling everyone that, "I'm a real small equity investor and new on top of this. I've taken huge losses on abk and tsfg but made some of it back in CRBC."

        You began posting in 2003 so how are you still "new" to this? And, if you're "new", how could you possibly have a "Strong Buy" sentiment on this or any other stock?

        After 7 yrs you are still chasing losing positions and you don't see anything wrong with this picture? "Recouping losses" is NOT how you make money in the markets. And, wanting others to hold your hand isn't, either.

        You should not be investing, at all, period.

        Don't take it personally but the world needs waiters and dishwashers, too, you know.

    • take care

    • This board was (and is) a good one due in no small part to your research and postings. Enjoy the fishing!


    • Kab,

      Thanks for your posts.

      I haven't posted here, except once, but have been following you avidly.

      I plan to go back over the past 6 or 8 months and read ALL of your posts - while time-consuming, I regard it as the quickest way to come-up-to-speed on this sector, and since I have "little or no-feel" for banks, I intend to stay away from the more risky of the lot, and stick close to the strategy you have espoused - of buying bank shares that you can "set and forget".

    • Catch some big fish for me. I know you helped me land a big one with CRBC.

      I live on a trout river for what it's worth. It's called the Bull Pasture River. You're welcome anytime. I'm in the only mill in McDowell, Va.


    • Good Fishin bud. Thanks for all your help.

    • Have a nice time Kabtb.
      Your insights have changed my game a bit. I now look to the fundamentals with a harder eye- that helps.
      Drink a beer and catch a few for us. My business is rolling- finally after a couple of down years, so no breaks for me.
      I will get out on the sail boat for weekends and not give a hoot how the market does.

    • Good Luck. I am long CRBC and keep telling myself to stop checking as much as I do since it will grow organically over time and days like today should not rattle anyone.