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  • robert190022 robert190022 Jul 18, 2010 12:48 PM Flag

    i bought at 0,74

    should I hold through earnings?

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    • ok, you win.
      shouldn't talk about airplanes
      in a bank anyway.
      Thanks for the advice.

    • Ok, yeah, that's enough... I can see that you are as dumb as I had originally believed.

      Most likely even more.

    • LOL! You have a problem with reading comprehension. What I posted was from 3 months ago, not several yrs ago. The date was right there.

      Your original post stated in no unclear terms that the " owns thousands of (jets)". They own nothing except for a LOT of DEBT. You got sucked into that scam and have no one to blame but yourself. You could have read the filings and learned before you wasted your money but I guess you felt like gambling.

      It isn't a company - it's a web site run by a male NURSE. Only an idiot would claim they own thousands of aircraft.

    • if a peanut farmer could become the President of the USA,
      of course a nurse can become a CEO.

    • It's a new co now,
      I'm still 3 cents ahead.
      You are talking about a few years ago.
      Now is a different operation.

    • mapp, you actually bought shrs in that????

      It's NOT an aviation company... it's ONE GUY. He has NO aircraft, all he has is a web site - there is NO company. You got ripped off because you didn't know how to research a company.

      Did you read anything about the company?? Tell me, does this make you feel happy?

      "For the three months ended March 31, 2010, Celestial had net revenue of $53,545. Celestial had operating expenses of $209,521 for the quarter, for a net operating loss for the quarter of $155,976. Celestial also had $4,097 of interest expense, for a net loss of $160,072."

      The guy started this sham is 32 yrs old. Does this make you confident?? The CEO is a NURSE!!!

      "From 1996 to 2002, Mr. Clyburn, Jr. was a hospital nurse in New York. From 2002 to 2007, he was the director of technology for a hospital in New Jersey. From 2007 until he joined Celestial Jets, he operated his own company, Nav IT, which was involved in providing information technology services in various business fields principally related to the health care industry. Mr. Clyburn, Jr. earned his A.A.S. degree from Ashworth College and received his nursing diploma from the State University of New York. He currently resides in Pennsylvania with his family."

      You got ripped-off BIG TIME.

      This is what happens people pretend that they know what they're doing.

      You're money is GONE.

    • realinvestmentstrategies realinvestmentstrategies Jul 19, 2010 9:13 AM Flag

      <<<should I hold through earnings?>>>

      You may have to hold a long time before there are any earnings.

    • I usually sell 30% going into earnings to protect from any mishaps during the call or a poor earnings report. If it goes up I still had 60% in and if it goes down I can load up with the 30% I sold.

      good luck.