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  • investorseeker investorseeker Oct 5, 2010 4:14 PM Flag

    Shorts Losing Control

    The reason to go long is CRBC almost broke even last quarter, they should start to become profitable next year.

    They don't have to raise anymore money. They are a possible take over target. It was a 30.00 stock, could easily go back to 1.50

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    • investorseeker, those are all wonderful things to say about a company but unfortunately, there isn't a professional trader anywhere who would risk their money based on these reasons. That's just not how it's done.

      1) Being a profitable company doesn't guarantee the stock will go up. Many brokerages will not invest until a company has proven profitability over the course of many quarters.

      2) Not having to raise money doesn't have any connection whatsoever to the stock moving higher.

      3) EVERY stock is a possible take-over target. It means nothing.

      4) If it was a $30 stock but but can only easily go to $1.50, it's in trouble, big trouble. (I hope you never use this argument again because it is perhaps the weakest one that can be used. Just a friendly bit of advice, don't place any significance upon past performance. If I were to argue this point further with you, it would only make you feel bad. It's best to avoid this one.)

      Now, some of you think I'm a bad guy here today. I don't think so. I hold 186K shrs under .80. So, let's all remember that we're just talking here. I don't think I have disrespectful to anyone. I certainly did not deserve the note that stockinmud posted and since he was careless and didn't notice that he had a "Strong Sell" sentiment on his posts, I think it serves as a good example of what not to do.