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  • ltchfld ltchfld Jul 7, 2011 12:30 PM Flag


    This company is really a piece of work. irresponsible. why would we not know about this change before we look for crbc and find out it doesn't exsist.
    crbc shares have no value and out account has not been changed to the new ticker yet. july 1st was the day, why wasn't it changed over at that time. i am so disappointed in this company, why did you sell to citizens (republic).

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    • wooglin, no harm, no foul.

      In that case, thanks for your input!!!

    • Okay, "misleading" was not the proper word choice.
      Incomplete perhaps. Your original post on this subject included:
      "CRBC mgm't. has to exchange the old shrs with new shrs to each brokerage house".
      That would lead those who you think "are just plain dumb and some others are stupid but none of you ever wants to learn" to think that is how the actual process works. Not sure why you got so defensive when I added info for the sake of perhaps shedding light on the subject. People were "concerned" that their ACs had not received their split shares and I thought they might want to a more complete perspective by adding my transfer agent querie into the mix. Nothing wrong with ADDING to the subject, right?
      I realize tone, etc. does not translate too well on message boards and I my intent is not to be argumentative with you, just thought I'd participate.

    • No, nothing at all "misleading" about what I wrote.

    • Maybe you just need to change your broker. I use TDAmeritrade and both the symbol (CRBCD) and number of shares are reflected correctly in my account.

    • you need to get a different broker. my shares are under the new symbol CRBCD just fine.

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