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  • dte333 dte333 Nov 7, 2011 10:43 AM Flag

    weak hands to strong hands.

    that's how the stock market works.
    shares go from weak hands to strong hands.
    amateurs sell a the wrong time, the pros take their shares cheap.
    been like that since the beginning of time.
    almost doesn't seem fair, but no one forced them to sell CRBC low.

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    • This stock has been in a trading range up and down from between 5.00-10.00 for years and this time will be no different. The chance to buy low was around 5-6. The bag holders are getting in now not the strong hands. Strong hands bought at 5-6.00 and are dumping on the weak chasers. This bank is losing big bucks every quarter and the stock will plunge on the news like it always has. Hee you down below Mr Strong bag holder. I been trading this stock for yars now and I made money buying the dips and dumping at these levels so don't tell me about making money off this bank. It wouldn't surprise me if their doors were closed by the Fed who has questioned this bank before and asked to see their books.