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  • scout4stock scout4stock Mar 29, 2008 9:51 AM Flag

    This is the final step

    Lightwave Logic Commences Production of Prototype Photonic Chip
    Company Expects To Demonstrate Breakthrough Plastic Modulator Early Second Quarter
    Photonic (electro-optic) devices are the backbone of the Internet and telephone networks. The production of polymer-based photonic switches has been the fabled “holy grail” of the industry for over two decades. Plastics are less expensive, easier to process, and have been demonstrated to transmit information at higher speeds than the current state-of-the-art.

    “The industry has been waiting for a commercially viable electro-optic polymer for more than two decades; many companies have made claims and have not been able to deliver,” said Hal Bennett, CEO of Lightwave Logic. “We are very excited. This is the final step in the development process. The marriage of the chromophore and the spacer system is now complete and the combined material has been delivered to our partner, Photon-X, who will fabricate a prototype polymer optical modulator and measure its technical properties. We are still on schedule to demonstrate this prototype early next quarter. It is this demonstration that will move us into the commercialization phase and to the next stage in conversations with potential customers and partners. Potential customers have told me in no uncertain terms that they are very excited about our polymer, and eagerly anticipate our demonstration.”

    Commence the countdown. Prepare for blastoff.

    The post-demonstration announcements will finally reveal the list of potential customers and partners.

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    • All the old messages are back. LOL at this one!

    • I found this over on the Nanotechology Now web site.
      The new material could lay the foundation for a theoretical device known as the all-optical transistor. Today billions of electrical transistors make up the computer on which you are most likely reading this article. Some scientists expect that this fundamental building-block may be replaced by an optical (or light) based transistor which could make computers smaller, faster and less expensive.

      According to scientists in this field, the key to making an effective all-optical transistor is a high-stability material. Since light will constantly flow in and out of this new generation of transistors, it's essential that the material itself does not slowly bleach out over time. This is the secret to LightWave Logic's material innovation. Some experts in the field have predicted that LightWave Logic's materials could withstand optical powers that are a quadrillion (1,000,000,000,000,000x) times stronger than an average laser-pointer, well in excess of what is needed for an all-optical transistor.
      Plus it is 650% faster and stable up to 327c degrees that is super important because it won't melt when electrical connections are soldered to it.

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