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  • fullerstwo06daphne fullerstwo06daphne Aug 12, 2008 7:44 AM Flag

    R 33's


    2 Questions ... and I know they are questions of conjecture but ...

    1. Is the consensus opinion that the tests are done and the company is waiting for to put pieces in place business wise to respond to the release (or is there a reason that the tests are not complete yet? Anyone heard?)

    2. Again consensus ... are you expecting virtually the same results on the R 33's as before or
    A. marginally better or
    B. significantly better

    3. What do you think the lead time might be needed for a prototype after release of results?

    Some thoughts ... 10 Q due out Friday, yes? I kind of thought we would see results before this, but if not, it will make for interesting reading over the weekend.

    Just curious in opinions ... thanks in advance


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    • NICE!

    • I just want the test results and the prototype to be quality and done correctly and to be verifiable and at military spec which meets and exceeds telecordia.

      I am a measure twice cut once kind of person.

      Quality and verifiable results for the end user is what counts when a company goes from development to commercial ....if they rush they will maybe be shooting themselves in the foot and unfortunately those that came before them maybe launched and left a bad taste in interested parties mouths.

      There is no other substance quite like this......and that alone could cause checks and double checks possibly in different enviroments and in applications with parties which could remain unknown.

      I believe National Security means National Security.

      One thing I do believe.........Big time Execs have big time egos and reputations and imho usually do not run to sinking ships..... they go to ships which they believe can sail.

      Patient Purple

    • M, no "need to run for cover" due to absence of news next week. With due respect, I hope everyone reading this message board take your input regarding timing of the release as simply a reference point. Only official company press release is definitive.

      Anyone getting impatient should contact the company to get information necessary to investment decisions whether to hold, add or sell. I must assure you Lightwave is not loose in giving out information as they shoud be. These guys are not about releasing fluff news to jack up the stock price or inflate shareholder expectations. They will inform shareholders when the management and the board deem necessary and important.

      I hope fellow shareholders don't make hasty decisions based on M's timing. With that said, I do appreciate M's input a lot.

      Have good Labor Day holiday weekend. Let's have some good news soon so we all can labor a lot less in the future.

    • I caught you lying and you attack me? You're still a liar no matter what you say of me or Lumera/GigOptix. Liar. Liar. Liar.

    • (or is there a reason that the tests are not complete yet?) That must be it. The only reason to take this long is they're still trying to make the film. Maybe the spacer atom is screwing things up. Could be the molecule now is too stiff and not flexible enough to slip into shape. Back to the drawing board.

    • Only time Intel what will happen when I’m gone because there are about a Google uses for this technology. Some will scream Yahoo while others won’t be able to see the forest because of all the trees in the valley.

      Generally Electric al polymers are not as volatile as say DuPont’s gunpowder but IBM or was it ICBM may see uses that I can not. Others like Nasa may speculate that the technology it is out of this world. My Ma used to have a dial phone with a the copper Bell but now she has Verizon fiber optics.

      I heard companies like General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin and, Northrop Grumman and ATK like to blow up things and make them fly all over the world com. But the Best Buy will probably be at Wal-Mart, I think Walt Disney may eventually see the Light.

      Science takes time and there are always delays, honestly I don’t know a thing, if you think this is hype you are 100 per cent correct. I was just reminding myself of the potential for a plastic nanotechnology that will soon lead to the replacement of silicon.

      Do not listen to me I can not even spell sysco or is it cisco?

      • 1 Reply to x993231
      • Hey Proto I’m with you but I can assure you they believe in it 100 per cent, it is not a scam as some try and say and you can tell by the gleam in their eye that it’s for real.

        Why they haven’t released it is anyone’s guess, it is in their hands, they are in control, and the LONG TERM decisions they make will lead to making as much money as possible for the shareholders. Because there isn’t a “How to replace Silicon using nanotechnology for dummies book” they have to crack this nut on their own. This is WAY BIGGER than modulators. There are many variables and other items they need to concern themselves with. We interpret the delay as bad but did you ever stop and think that perhaps is part of a bigger picture? Shoot you have a few brilliant scientists that can see the future 10 or 20 years from now. But it will take business people to first learn the technology then develop a plan, then break the plan down and execute the sombitch. The last thing you want is for this tech to get taken away for $10, $20 or $30 a share when it should be $80 - $100 minimum. Others say much more that is high enough for me.

        Look if the best in the business don’t know what is best for this company then no one does.

        So, be cool and use this as a buying opportunity. The only negative things that I have ever heard on this company are from you and Lib and I don’t think that you guys are exactly in the know. Shoot Teng saw it, he wanted onboard, Turpin saw it and he wanted onboard, shoot the Admiral saw it he wanted onboard, the Dupont guys see it and they want onboard, all for stock mind you,,,, need I say more? I know that there are many companies out there that burn people but when you get a chance to meet these guys at a stockholder meeting you will know what I’m talking about.

        Don’t think they care about short term stock plays.

    • x, your a good soul, have a nice vacation :)

    • While I was getting ready for my vacation, Proto and Lib R back, M took a break, Purp took offense to Proto’s post and opened up a can of woop ass. GT stopped by and said Hey.

      Folks I’m outa here Friday, I’ll be gone for 10 days lets just say a lil test run for the 20 buck holoballu,. I gotta see the 2008 swimwear. If I sober up I’ll try and check in. I’ll try and tag team with M so you guys don’t go hari cari on us next week.

      If the news is released in the morning I may hang around tomorrow, but I gotta pack and I have ish to do.

      Oh when I was talking to Marcelli he said that he needed the board to meet every Tuesday because they had so much to take care of that once a month would not be sufficient. I wonder what they could possibly be working on?

      Relax when they are ready they will release the results, remember M said results should be out by NEXT Friday that is the 22nd.

      Besides what the heck are you going to do with all that money anyway? It will just ruin your life.

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