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  • protohype_101 protohype_101 Aug 29, 2008 8:07 AM Flag

    patent problems?

    I just did some checking and found out that lwlg only has 1 patent issued, and they applied for 5 other patents about 4 or 5 years ago which look to have never been issued which would most likely mean their are problems or conflicts with other existing patents, right?

    m tipped us off that the new guys are looking into the patents, so maybe this is a bigger issue than anybody here knows, hopefully this will not cause more major delays in the commercialization process

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    • Im am still buying!

    • scout, thanks for weighing in, I strongly suspect that you are the true axe on this company, and I personally want to wish you and lwlg's team the greatest of success in creating this company's emergence from lab development to real world applications!

      let's get this party started!

    • proto, here's one of the five original applications. Just went to the examiner in August. Not to mention the other 30 in the pipeline.

      It's a work in progress, patience is a virtue. We're heading into the homestretch as a development co.

      United States Patent Application 20080139812
      Kind Code A1
      Goetz; Frederick J. ; et al. June 12, 2008

      Heterocyclical Chromophore Architectures

      NLO chromophores of the form of Formula I and the commercially acceptable salts, solvates and hydrates thereof, wherein Z.sup.1-4, X.sup.1-4, .pi..sup.1-2, D and A have the definitions provided herein.

      Inventors: Goetz; Frederick J. ; (Wilmington, DE) ; Goetz; Fred J.; (Wilmington, DE)
      Correspondence Name and Address: CONNOLLY BOVE LODGE & HUTZ, LLP
      P O BOX 2207

      Assignee Name and Adress: Third-Order Nanotechnologies, Inc.

      Serial No.: 666320
      Series Code: 11
      Filed: October 26, 2005
      PCT Filed: October 26, 2005
      PCT NO: PCT/US05/39010
      371 Date: February 8, 2008

      U.S. Current Class: 544/338
      U.S. Class at Publication: 544/338
      Intern'l Class: C07D 519/00 20060101 C07D519/00

    • The time it takes to get a patent has been getting longer each year. It all depends on the backlog in the particular area the patent is in and the backlog in that area. 4/5 years for something as technical as this doesn’t surprise me.

    • If I could interject on this topic for a moment. The USPTO has a on-line web service where one could check the current stautus of any published patent application. It's called PAIR.
      Here's the link. Good luck to all.

    • Proto, you sure like to twist words. There is no known problem with the patents, just the CEO double checking.

      I suggest that if you are getting in you make your move now, It is my opinion that we have seen the last of the 1.50s.

      If not, good luck as I’m sure we will not be hearing from you very, very soon.

      • 2 Replies to x993231
      • x, I'm already holding long, but won't buy more unless it goes back to a buck or lower, and "technically" speaking this is very possible if the delays continue here because the stock price has already come all the way back to the LT support level, and if it breaks through it will fall rapidly because there is no further support below

        The market can be brutal so brace yourself if these guys don't post detailed positive test results soon

      • P. S. Because of the potential that this technology has they did a raise about a year ago to file 5 x 6 = 30 patents for WORLDWIDE protection.

        I feel like I’m wasting my time responding to you but I don’t want to mislead others.

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