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  • caers610 caers610 Sep 1, 2008 1:49 PM Flag


    I have 15000 shares left at no cost as I sold a number of shares which I bought at 0,76 usd;
    As my shares are at no cost , I will sit back and see what will happen. The technical part of the story is way over my head ;I am certainly not considering selling ,even if they go down , but buying additional shares for me is at this moment too much of a lottery?

    I am only wondering, If this is really as big a potential as some of you are presenting, why are the big shots not buying like mad???
    I hate pumpers and certainly bashers ; Most of the time you recognize them by the way they treat unbias contributors, as if they are Alzheimer patients;

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    • You assume that the insiders all have a ton of cash, not sure if that’s the case. I couldn’t find that in their backgrounds, my guess is more like great pension packages so they don’t need to draw salaries. Even Michael Jackson is broke. Next move will be R33’s, then Modulators, then deals. Each time new levels should be reached, but they have to get some news on the street. Without a product it is still just science modeled in computers and you are correct, way above my head too.
      When they have the annual meeting though hopefully they can explain it to us in layman’s terms and we can better understand the potential that they see.

    • I mean by Big Shots not the present insiders , but the large companies like IBM , Microsoft and others; As soon as they think this is the future they will buy in and take the benefits; As long as there is no certainty they leave the risk to small investors like us;
      Therefore I think we are noy yet there? Otherwise they will be buying the company?

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