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  • georgececilcox georgececilcox Apr 24, 2011 4:47 AM Flag

    Revolutionary technology

    Below is a quote from Intel's recent earnings call. The analyst meeting is on May 17. Thus, they are going to make an announcement before the 17th on "revolutionary" technology.

    CEO Paul Otellini quietly mentioned “revolutionary” new technology for the company’s upcoming processors: “We remain on track to begin production on our 22nm silicon process technology by the end of this year. This revolutionary technology will further distance Intel from the competition across all segments of computing.”

    He almost sounded surprised when one analyst picked this note up and inquired about some more information. Otellini declined to comment any further and simply said: “Well, [revolutionary] not inaccurate, but I’m afraid it’s only meant to be a teaser today. We’ll be disclosing that technology in early May before the Analyst Meeting.”

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    • This might be the revolutionary technology? They will be moving optical instead of copper. But this has nothing to do with lightwave logic.

    • X has been a wealth of information to the board. The problem is he cannot control the PPS. Starting with the Gilder Conference, we have been on a downward spiral and are nearing the abyss(1 dollar). I expected much more from this company and feel we need some young talent at the CEO position. It does disturb me on the ages of the BOD and management. If nothing happens by September, there should be a groundswell to remove Marcelli and Smith. If they are on the cutting edge of tech, how hard can it be to raise money in the markets. Something does not add up. The company of the future and we have a stock price of near 1 dollar with insider selling.

      Smith could back this company by himself and yet where do I see him buying in the open market.

      I have a limited scope of where we are but my trading account says down and that is all I care about. Why can't everything be as easy as buying silver. That I do know something about.

    • Compared to others, I am definitely a relative newcomer but I am convinced that the material that LWLG is working with here can be a game-changer. I just wanted you to know that your insight has proved very helpful to me and I am sure to many others as well. Especially since so many voices have disappeared - thanks for your contribution!

    • No problem I’ve watched this for along time now and it has been a long winding road. In the beginning the Goetz’s convinced a handful of people to back them because they knew what that had, it is disappointing to watch as those that care the most about this that brought in all the money, friends/family established a market and put support behind the company and the stock are (possibly) being labeled as trouble makers (I know of at least 4 or 5 different instances) by some that have only been here for a few years and somehow feel that we are not entitled to express our concerns. Well, where I come from respect is earned not given. The new guys also tend to forget that back then we basically had nothing and the risk was huge, as it moved forward the quality of talent that they’ve attracted has gotten better and better and IMO we need to continue attracting top performers to move this forward. Those that don’t fit need to find a nitch where they do. Because right now this thing is getting ready to take on a life of its own and we do not want to be held back because of a missing skill set. IMO we also need to watch the Universities though because IMO they do not operate in the “real world” and as such I’m not sure that deadlines are as important. (Although CUNY appears to be moving at Light Speed). On the other hand we do not want this technology hijacked and that is why we are so passionate about calling a spade a spade when we see it. If we did not have a BOD of this quality I would have left long ago. I’m kind of rambling, anyway thanks, I just try and call it as I see it. Praise em when they do good and smack em when IMO they need it.

      Thought for the day, the internet is making everyday shareholders of stocks more and more powerful because we can express our concerns and work together to effect change much easier than even 10 years ago.

      IMO We could use a little talent that thinks like Gates when he bluffed IBM into signing, and no I’m not taking about lying you know what I’m talking about. IMO It’s about time to do all this R&D batch tweaking on someone else’s dime.

      Keep the faith, If I though something was wrong I'd tell you.

    • X, I hope that you know how much some of us appreciate your input - particularly when things are looking somewhat bleak! You help keep our spirits up - thanks!

    • Fred must not be getting paid a decent salary if he sells at these levels.

    • Don't forget that you reverse split the stock 1 for 8 there big guy, so $2.60 is actually 32 cents, if we are comparing apples with apples Lightwave is at almost 10 Bucks. That is where I come from, you know back in the day. Plus look at the quality of mgmt at Lightwave then look at Gig!!!!!!!!!! Some of the mgmt team that helped form Gig has taken the 5th more times than I care to count.

      OK let me do the math for you as far as what Avi has done to the share price.

      When Gig put an offer in to merge with Lumera had you sold and put your money in Lightwave this is what you’d have.
      The Stock price of Lumera/Gig on 3/27/2008 $16.56. On the same day Lightwave was $1.25.

      You may have missed the Reverse 1 for 8 Split so I’ll work the math for you,

      If you sold you 10,000 shares the day when the great Merger was announced and bought Lightwave today it would be worth about $150,000

      Uh, instead that 10,000 shares is worth are you ready for this $25,200.

      Looks like I was about $125k right there, So uh, tell me how wrong I am again.

      Here this should help

      The problem is that you guys can not even be honest with yourselves. Good Luck With Gig.

    • I would be talking with your $1 a share LWLG?

    • Intel is about to turn their thunderbolt copper technology to optical using Gigoptix parts. Read the article again.

      The new technology is the thunderbolt they developed with Apple.

      What does this have to do with lightwave?

      They already have an optical chip on their own in the article you've posted. They don't need perkinomine.

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