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  • starbauch starbauch Jun 8, 2011 7:31 PM Flag


    You should never invest in a company that has nothing going on except pawning itself to others. I understand holding it if you already lost a great deal of money on this, but it's never a good strategy to be putting your money into this type of company.

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    • All depends on the tech. and what it's worth imo. And most business schools now teach that starting a business, growing it out to maybe 2-3 years, and selling it is the model to follow. Then perhaps starting another. The old school of starting and growing a sustainable business that benefits management, employees, and shareholders is, well, old school. That said, there is now a growing school of thought that the old model was/is better. Of course there's always the greed and immediate gratification thing.
      As for LWLG, Phil and Jim are obviously not in it for the long haul. Probably same for the BOD. So I expect a sale. Would sure like the pps at $10 before an offer is seriously entertained. Would sure like some white papers detailing the properties of our material too.
      Oh, and what is it about GGOX that you think it a wise investment?

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      • Anything north of 5 is fine with me. I am not confident in the management here and although the credentials of the board are top notch, they are not running the company. I own close to 100k myself and my average is somewhere around 1 although my trading has been lousy using free trading shares.

        This might be a once in a lifetime score but I would rather have sure money in my hands next year. Keep hitting singles and you eventually hit a home run.You also stay in the game. There will be more LWLG's in the future with much better communication.

      • If I a chance to do it all again, I wouldn't. I usually don't invest in bbs. I decided to put some money put aside for some ultra high risk stocks. It was either this or siri at 1.53. Siri would have been the better choice for sure.

        GGOX had been a disappointment so far, but it still stand a better chance than LWLG. I'm pretty sure that's the case with all of you too. I'll probably won't be able to get sleep if I owned LWLG.

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