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  • lwlg_or_bust lwlg_or_bust Mar 18, 2013 10:56 AM Flag

    EM Photonics is not the ones

    What micro electronics company is testing the Perk Indigo? Why would LWLG not provide us the testing company? We know EM Photonics is co-developing the modulator. Keeping it real.

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    • bust reading the release no matter who may be conducting the testing, the PR fails to mention the testing suites to be conducted on the perk. A guess on my part not knowing who is testing for what, within the use in what industry, everything released about perk would have to be retested by the sector related and accredited to what perk will be used for. Very awkward and strange keeping the testing companies name in the dark. Having a limited vision of only what you can read that has been released. How is EM Photonics going to co-develop a working and accepted modulator if the Perk does not meet whatever testing is now being conducted? I love the stock in the company as they are easy trades. Though I am lost on the companies direction that is not hard for them to do. I get lost easily.

    • Which poo is claimed to be 3rd order? Going off GIG's latest paper released 3 days ago we know 2nd order is the correct goo for mods. Pay close attention to time. If this company had what the cult members think they have there would have been a deal by now. Indigo is bunk imo and they can't make it work for the optical polymer switch. Yeah the one GIG has the patent on. They are just stringing this out as long as possible to keep cashing their paychecks. The shareholders over her are like an abused woman that keeps going back to their abuser. It's a sick relationship. Did you know the longstanding CEO when they were operating out off a glove factory's broom closet has no background in the field and his only degree is from a campground management school in Colorado. You can't make this stuff up folks!

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