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  • kdp2561 kdp2561 Jan 21, 2000 3:20 PM Flag

    Deleted Message

    Supposedly, you don't short stocks. Why do you
    spend your time harassing the supporters of this one?
    Another question I have since you claim to be so great at
    statistics. Why would make the statement that RDWR will be
    below 50 on Jan. 31? You can NEVER have 100%
    reliability on your numbers. There is always the possibility
    that an "outlier" will occur on that day. You may know
    something about statistics but you have a lot to learn
    about the market if you think that's all that matters.
    The randomness you speak of is what makes or breaks
    stocks. XYZ announces a new partnership and the price of
    XYZ jumps. It is a random event unpredictable by its
    very nature that creates buying intrest. Looking at
    RDWR's short past doesn't seem appropriate to me when
    you consider this. I won't lie to you I have some
    statistics experience mostly from a design of experiments
    perspective (t-test, ANOVA, etc.). But what I do know is that
    you can't be SURE of anything!

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