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  • mustrisa mustrisa Oct 16, 1999 2:31 AM Flag

    Not only am I #1, but RDWR is #1 too.

    This is definitely a first. Stock picks: 10/16/99: RDWR-37 1/8; ctch 23 1/8; daln 18 1/2; zany 14 1/16; vixl 32 3/4; JPTR 31 1/4; CLIC 53 1/8. Good luck to all.

    The Mustric Machine.

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    • That guy is trying to save his A$$. GBLX is left
      far behind by these new emerging technologies. Even
      CSCO has a similar product called web director or
      something like that. Check raging bull's first 100/200
      articles. Lots of info. and links there.

    • Glad to see you like CLIC, but tell me, what do
      you know of the stock? I'm having trouble finding any
      information on it.
      Nice to see it didn't go down too much
      If I had more money, I'd load up on RDWR. Maybe
      monday if it goes down more, I'll find a way.

      • 1 Reply to pnutmandms
      • People on the FFIV msg board have been talking
        about this one, check the small drop for it friday... I
        think it would have gone waaay up if the overall market
        was stable.
        Interested in hearing your opinions on
        good luck
        Also, FFIV will see 100, again, soon.
        FFIV still undervalued compared to FDRY, ATON. FFIV
        has excellent partnerships, people, technology, and
        has many announcements to come, and when earnings are
        reported, coming up soon, it's gonna be getting lot's of
        CLIC= e-commerce software, um, do you think this just
        might be a high growth sector???! Xmas coming.

    • 3 weeks ago,this will do much better than look real hot sector and RDWR has great products.

    • You will do well before the year is over.....

    • Has an article that says that load balancing
      software and appliances dont work on large content plays.
      Can someone post the article here and talk about how
      this will affect companies like Radware, F5, ETC.

    • there and learn everything you can, but most of
      all don't overreact to anything you read on these
      message boards. Use it as an educational tool. Alot of
      posters have an agenda . Take a look at COMS I've been in
      that for over a year,(the last year s#@ked) alot of
      good news with the Palm spinoff and the wireless deals
      going. has actually been going up or holding steady
      while the rest of the market has been down. I hate
      October, be careful.LOL

    • Boy... last week the market sure sucked, glad
      it's over.

      When you look at the PPI, and you
      back out tobacco and cars and rising oil the index
      rose less then 1/10%.

      That's negligible... this
      coming week we'll get CPI and GDP, I have a feeling
      they'll show that Friday's PPI was more an aberation then
      a trend.

      But with Greenspan shooting his
      mouth off about irrational exuberance again, he's been
      doing this for 3 years now, I think we have to realize
      the Fed will raise interest rates a 1/4 point next
      meeting...but that should be it for a while and the market will
      reluctantly absorb this and hopefully realize that compared
      to the Reagan era when interest rates were 18%, 6.5%
      is pretty damn low.

      So where does this leave

      Last Friday, RDWR ended the week priced at $31, after
      a nice article about how undervalued it was
      appeared in CBS Marketwatch. This week it climbed to 48,
      then drifted down, along with about every other stock
      on Wall Street, to 37.

      So what to

      Well actually, for an IPO, RDWR's been acting pretty
      damn good.

      RDWR's been trading for 12 days

      RDWR's in the middle of its Quiet Period which should be
      up Oct. 26th. Analysts will begin coverage that day
      and should issue Strong Buy

      RDWR's earnings come out on Nov.4th., which should be

      RDWR has public confirmation that it is extremely
      undervalued, (in my estimation until it reaches the same price
      valuation as ATON, FFIV and FDRY it will still be
      undervalued and a bargain).

      So currently RDWR is
      trading at less then 1/2 of it's true value.

      you can stomach the market volatility this week, my
      recommendation would be to HOLD and HOLD on TIGHT.

      If you
      can't stomach the market,I suggest you turn off your
      computer and take a well deserved vacation.

      only a matter of time before RDWR attains the price
      level that it truly deserves and I'm talking 80, 90 and
      100 per share.

      The upside potential of this
      company is incredible and in the weeks and months to come
      we can expect RDWR to take it's position as a leader
      in the Load Balancing sector, with a market cap to

      This year the stock market has been on a roller
      coaster, one month it's up the next it's down, but believe
      me the market will be coming back with a vengence
      very soon..were else are you going to put your

      When the market comes back you'll definitely want to
      be in RDWR,
      if you're already in HOLD on and BUY
      more if you can, if you're not it, get in


      ROCK ON RDWR!!!

    • Monday and tuesday are the crucial days again.
      CPI number is going to come on tuesday morning. The
      number is going to be high which means the market is
      going to fall further on tuesday. Hold your RDWR. If
      the market falls it is better to buy CONVERT some
      more to RDWR. VIXL is also a VER VERY good deal at $32
      - $33. This is competing with BRCD and ZOOX. VIXL
      (also RDWR)will certainly double in the coming 2 - 3
      weeks (as soon as the quiet period ends and someone
      will start coverage on these stocks.

      Good Luck

    • Since you mentioned CSCO, here is an

      I guess it is old but quite interesting.
      Here are some excerpts.

      The EDIME staff were
      able to gauge the effectiveness of the Cisco and
      Radware load balancing switches by performing ping tests
      and monitoring the load on particular servers.

      "We found that the WSD was twice as fast as the Local
      Director," Dawe said. The Cisco was also "considerably
      slower" when it FTPed content from the master server
      using the round robin method.

      "I think the
      server support on the WSD is a whole lot more optimised.
      The port handling, the throughput - everything else
      was considerably better," Dawe said.

      Here is another comparison with

      RDWR's products are much superior to FFIV's and FDRY's

    • As I post this I am sitting in my office 300
      yards down the street from FFIV's headquarers on lower
      Queen Anne. Lots of new sports cars buzzing around the
      hood lately. I think FFIV and RDWR have the potential
      to give CSCO a run in some areas. The key is the
      balence sheet on RDWR. Very impressive. Any one know if
      they have an earnings release forthcoming.

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