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  • day_trade_it day_trade_it Oct 18, 1999 11:46 AM Flag

    ATON and RDWR

    I don't know about RDWR but ATON's 25 day quiet
    period ends tomorrow, so it should move soon. RDWR's 25
    day quiet period ends around October 25th-26th area.
    I not sure of the exact day RDWR went public so
    just add 25 days and that is when it will get

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    • more than even F5. Check out their parners and

      Asian markets may respond to favorably later to dow and
      cpi and help kick us back up.

      Good Investing!

    • recent highs. Not quite sure why the sudden lack of interest in RDWR. Any ideas???

    • November 4, 1999 @ 8:45 am.

    • WEBT earnings are up.

    • CMTN develops technology for DSL and copper
      telephone lines.
      RDWR is a network management software

      I feel that RDWR is similar to WEBT, which has just
      announced great earnings. Watch for WEBT to affect RDWR.

    • albiet indirectly...
      RADware is part of a
      larger group of companies known as the of
      the RADgroup's companies is called RADwiz, a private
      company that's a direct competitor of Copper
      RADwiz produces modems in SDSL which is a 2 way
      connection at 2 Mbps as opposed to CM which works with ADSL
      which downstreams at 8Mbps but upstreams at 800Kbps.
      That's fine for websurfers who download more than they
      upload, but RADwiz's market is business which is
      RADwiz's target markets are companies like Covad and
      So..indirectly Copper Mt.'s earnings may in some way affect
      RADware's performance in that they are part of a very
      focused Internet organization..and then again maybe
      not...but the fact that RADgroup is international and
      already penetrating the US market on various fronts, the
      fact that RADware already outsells all the companies
      in the "load Balancing" sector, may be reflected in
      the earnings of "like" companies.

      ROCK ON

    • with RDWR.

      RDWR- Load balancing
      CMTN- DSL (not even ADSL)

      no i don't think will have any affect.

      good luck with rdwr

      great co

    • Copper Mountain announces after the close 10/19--does anyone thing if they have positive earnings this will affect Rdwr. If so why and how?

    • as of 10/18/99 close, this is what says about RDWR:
      Open: $38.63
      Close: $35.69
      $40.00 - $31.63
      Change: $-1.44 (-3.87%)
      Price Move: -3.87% Down
      % over/under 6 month
      average volume 0.00%Up
      Near 52 Week High: No
      52 Week Low: No
      2 Bull(s) to 3 Bear(s)
      Rating: 64.21
      En Fueg-o-meter Color Status: Green
      (means trending up)

      RDWR closed at $35.69
      trading 717,100 shares.
      The average up cycle is 32.3 %
      lasting 4.0 days.
      The average peak-to-base down cycle
      is 14.8% lasting 4.0 days.
      This means when going
      up, RDWR will go 32.3% up, and when going down, RDWR
      will go 14.8% down.

      RDWR is breaking down from
      the current peak as follows:

      17.3% down from
      the peak of $41.875.
      7 day(s) into its average
      peak-to-base 4 day cycle.
      This movement indicates a sell
      or hold for RDWR because it has hit a peak will
      establish a new base. Again, based on probabilities, RDWR
      has surpassed
      its normal decline and is ready for
      recovery (down 17% and average decline is 14.8%).
      BUY: RDWR is a buy at $35.688, with a stop loss at
      $32.119 and a Easy Sell point at $44.334 and a Big Sell
      point at $47.217RDWR has been trending upwards as of
      late. This could be breaking out from a slump.

      RDWR is mildly bullish. RDWR has been in a long down
      trend and has recently turned up. There's a lot of
      truth to the clich� that down stocks are down for a
      reason. These "value" plays are difficult to pick out.
      Look for other confirmations-such as fundamentals and
      the price crossing through some previous support and
      resistance levels-before taking a long position.
      Think of
      moving averages as moving trendlines. They help measure
      the direction of existing trends and can help
      determine when a trend change has taken place. Moving
      averages also act as support and resistance levels.

      No volume analysis. Hasn't trading for more than 1

      Relative Strength is a great indicator.
      It tells you what kind of pressure--buying or
      selling--a stock is receiving. RDWR with 64.2 (RSI) is
      excellent. RDWR is performing well.

    • The following link is an article by Joseph
      Battipaglia analyst from Gruntal on current market
      This link is Thom Calandra's article that appeared
      last Friday in CBS
      For those of you concerned about their distribution
      network, here's a
      here's their contact for North American
      If you folks have any questions you want answered or
      suggestions for the company, you'll find they're receptive to
      intelligent inquiry, here's who to contact along with photos
      of their

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