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  • dzwic88 dzwic88 Oct 21, 1999 6:37 PM Flag

    Can somebody tell me why?

    Why do other recent IPO's have so many news
    releases and announcements, and RDWR has hardly any news
    posted on Yahoo. Look at some of them like BBSW, CLIC
    etc. It seems like quiet period is not so quiet for
    some IPO's. Who is in charge of making sure news is
    released, the company, the underwriters? Somebody seems to
    be dropping the ball here, or am I wrong? Can
    anybody spell it out for me?


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    • RDWR will move higher when it announces earning.

    • one company's misfortune applys to "all" other
      similar companies within the same industry. CSCO's
      spokesperson has already denied the fact that CSCO was going
      to preannounce a shortfall; however, if they did,
      does that mean RDWR's business model is any less
      effective? No. Is there risk? Absolutely! IMO the selling is
      OVERDONE and the buying is based on cautious optimism.
      Market indicators/factors such as Interest rates,
      dollar/yen relationship, trade defecit, unemployment, ppi,
      cpi, non-farm payroll, foreign economies, earnings
      will always be reviewed and evaluated. As investors,
      we need to look at the big picture and set emotions
      aside. Thoughts?

    • MCK Communications helps telecommuters stay

      connected. The company makes equipment that turns

      corporate PBX (private branch exchange) systems into

      voice communications servers, enabling businesses to

      extend the use of their PBXs (including voice mail, call

      distribution, auto attendant, and other functions) to

      branch offices and other remote locations via existing

      networks. MCK Communications, which outsources the

      manufacture of its products, sells through major

      telecommunications equipment providers; Lucent
      accounts for
      nearly 47% of sales. Key shareholders of
      the company
      include Summit Partners (34%) and Lazard
      Freres Group

      This IPO came out on friday but was
      overlooked while most
      of the attention was on NAVI and
      SCMR. It should rock on

    • I also owned FFIV from 31.50 to 67, but decided
      that RDWR had great potential and more room to run,
      and so I put my money on this baby. Have patience and
      you will win big time with this sleeping giant!

    • I agree with you that rdwr is a keeper. It will be ok as FDRY, FFIV, JNPR and the network stocks do well. Now a day, people are picky about net stocks. I only know about rdwr because I have FFIV.

    • Based on market are in the right
      Don't know much about SYCM, But do know plenty about
      They were just aquired, taken back private under the
      wings of the killer Ascend Exec team. Look them up,
      Zhone technologies! First round of financing for Mory
      was $500 Million!

      That will be the IPO of 2000
      or 2001!!! Keep an eye on them!!!!

    • However, the late selloff in the internet sector,
      due to profit taking, dragged RDWR down a little bit.
      However, this will make rdwr heathier since most of the
      weak hands were out. Anyway, I am happy with the

    • above $40. I would expect a range of 40-45 next week!

    • i don't endorse that price mind you and i'm not
      invested in that stock, but that is the future...
      everywhere you read you hear about BANDWIDTH.. that is what
      they are all about. plus, for the internet to grow to
      the next level, you need to get it over the fiber
      optics network, quest, wcg and level 7... sycamore just
      got a $24 million dollar contract for quarter 3 alone
      from william communications, only the third largest
      fiber carrier. sycamore is the ONLY end to end solution
      right now for enhancing bandwidth over fiber optics..

      this is a winner, at these prices though, i'm not sure
      a good investment, but this will, in my opinion,
      never go below $150...

    • Looking for a serious run next week, this thing
      is finally getting some solid buying power, I look
      for some serious buyers next week. UPGRADES,
      EARNINGS, HUGE POTENTIAL....can't wait!

      best of luck
      to all,


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