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  • mrsdadstarof3 mrsdadstarof3 Oct 25, 1999 9:41 AM Flag


    When are they?

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    • SORRY!


    • I just came back from vacation and studied the
      movement of RDWRs stock this week - QUITE EXTRAORDINARY

      If you read my last post #354, you'll see that I
      believe RDWR will see $70 rather soon, that's why the MM
      did such a great job "gathering cheap shares over the
      last couple of days from "weak hands" out

      If you don't believe me, simply check out the days
      leading up to this RISE to $58 on wednesday - MM kept
      RDWRs price under $45 for 3 days and EVERYONE thought
      $45 was a big hurdle. BOOM!

      RDWR powered

      If Thursdays #s are as spectacular as anticipated we
      will see $80+ and the MM buying your shares here in
      the fifties will make at least 40 - 50% in less than
      a week on YOUR MONEY!

      Come next week, all
      you disbelievers will see what the longs on this
      board have been saying.

      The same thing happened
      to ISLD, it was pre scripted - Buy Digital Island
      for the "huge" AKAMAI technologies IPO, everyone on
      the board told you so - you could have bought in the
      30's or 40's - DID YOU? (now $68+)

      You could
      have bought EPNY in the 60's before earnings - DID
      YOU? (went to $93)

      You could have bought FFIV
      in the 90's before earnings - DID YOU? (now



    • Hunt, I'm still long; good call.

    • see you at $70 in 2-3 weeks, ---with all the
      daels and the new partnerships they have made since mid
      to late sept. to present, (which couldn't be
      mentioned due to pre-quite period) RDWR is going to rock.
      Earnings are coming out on NOV.4th at a big ISRAEL tech.
      conference in atlanta (nov.3-5th). Their is no way they will
      have negative announcement, at such a big conference
      for them and other israel co's. With the increased
      business they got b/4 going public(which some will show up
      in upcoming earnings)and being within an eyelash of
      being profitable last qtr., & testing better than
      competitors, in most catagory's, & being the first co. to come
      out with a load balancing system for multiple ISP'S,
      --------etc., etc., ------LETS JUST SAY YOU DON'T HAVE A
      CLUE.-------ROCK ON -RDWR

    • CRAZY...........You couldn't heve said it any better!!!!!!! JCDA is so cheap it's scary.

    • when you come over to smell our p.o.s.

    • I enjoyed what the MMs did today with the stock

      All the daytraders who bought in at the open, after
      the Piper "strong buy" recommendation, were hoping
      for a 10pt.+ day.

      Not so fast, the sell off
      end of day was simply to shake out the short term

      I am looking for a 1B+ marketcap for Radware, in
      the very near future, compared to FFIV, ALTON and
      FDRY, RDWRs earnings aren't so bad.

      A 1Billion+
      market cap is "easily" attainable with "only" 14.7
      million shares outstanding.(float = a paltry 3.5 million

      That puts the share price at $68+ . That price target
      should be reached by the time the earnings come out in
      the first week of November, remember the opening
      price for RDWR was $42 - a full month ago!

      bought 100k worth or 2,330 shares today at $42 13/16 and
      placed a limit sell at $68 13/16 - Good til

      See you soon $69+!

      Good luck


      P.S. check EPNY, when they came out with earnings ($56
      to $93 in two days).

      I love the "strong buy"
      recommendation and Glen Cutlers endorsement last month as well.
      Just wait til the LEAD underwriter gives it a "Strong
      Buy" recommendation, soon.

    • this may take it higher...

      Tonyj: I also
      own RDWr.. I bought in @ 26 and rode it to 48 the
      first time. Then it sold off to 32.. So they do correct
      morethen 25% ...

      With the news we may acutally head

    • from the low 40's to the low 30's is a 25% sell
      You call 25% small. What school of investing did
      go to.
      IMHO No sell off, steady climb to 55
      before earnings then it depends on the #'s

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