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  • kdp2561 kdp2561 Oct 29, 1999 1:34 PM Flag

    My estimate for earnings

    My estimate for earnings is at least 0.11 per
    share. Here�s how I worked it out! In the previous
    quarter RDWR earnings were �$178,000. They said this loss
    was 82% lower which means previous quarter�s lost
    must have been $1,000,000. (
    (1,000,000-178,000)=822,000 or, 822,000/1,000,000=0.822 or ~82%) Now I made
    the conservative assumption that they increase
    earnings by that same amount, $822,000. So,
    -178,000+822,000=644,000 But this is for $5,500,000 in Revenue �same as
    last quarter. But Quarterly revenue increased by more
    than 300% last Quarter. I�ll be conservative and say
    just 300% for this quarter. So, if you can do $644,000
    of earnings from $5,500,000 in revenue then when
    revenue triples� that�s $1,932,000 in earnings. This all
    may be a bit simplistic but I am looking for a rough
    order of magnitude here. Now, $1,932,000
    earnings/14,600,000 shares=0.132 dollars per share. Or 13 cents a
    share! Now let�s be even more conservative and take 15%
    off of that! 0.13*.15=.0195 but lets say 0.02. So,
    0.13-.02=0.11 or 11 cents per share. Now that means that I can
    get a company with the same earnings as FFIV at less
    than half the price! Not only that but the Market Cap
    of FFIV is $2,500,000,000 while the Market Cap of
    RDWR is $779,000,000. This means that Radware as a
    company has 1/3 the value of FFIV while they earn just as
    much if not more. All of this adds up to a Rapid
    Growth, Excellent Value stock that will not be ignored by
    smart investors. If your short, you had better do the

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