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  • iconhater iconhater Nov 4, 1999 3:03 PM Flag

    Hey IR Dept

    If you have any good news to announce, now would
    a good time to do it. We're getting killed here and
    could use a little help. I doubt too many people are
    going to know what is going on at the conference unless
    you make a formal announcement. LET'S HEAR IT!

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    • any good news is about to occur and why do you longs believe this stock warrants a higher price? It sure looks like this one is going to be stuck in the mud for quite awhile.

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      • At this point I would like to reiterate my long
        recommendation of this stock. In this buy the rumor, sell the
        news market this was to be expected. Anyone getting
        out now or on the impending move down to, I would
        guess, the low 50s is selling on emotion rather than
        logic. This is market psychology at work. The facts
        remain: 1. Radware provides award winning technology to
        ISPs and Big businesses that incorporates servers with
        RISC chips. 2. Radware's profit margins continue to
        increase. 3. Radware has a product no one else
        has(Linkproof: The First IP Load Balancing Solution for Networks
        With Multiple ISP Connections) 4. Radware has no debt.
        5. Radware's earnings increased 155% over last years
        earnings. 6. SSB reiterated its strong buy rating of this
        stock and upped its target to 85

      • I believe the float on RDWR is 3.5 million.
        Already today @.6 million shares have traded all at
        significantly lower prices. To me this looks like a base ie.
        why would someone buying today be a seller at lower
        prices. Remember this co. did not miss estimates and
        revenue actually grew faster than projected.

        today's volume is in the 3 million range asit almost
        certainly will be then the price should recover somewhat
        tomorrow just based on technicals. Right or wrong?

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