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  • iconhater iconhater Nov 8, 1999 8:20 PM Flag

    The LU announcement is great but...

    I agree the deal with Lucent is clearly a step in
    the right direction. I didn't study the article but
    Lucent partners with a number of companies. Is Radware
    going to be the only offering they have in this area?
    What will incent the sales people to push RDWR's
    product? Even if RDWR's products are superior from a
    technology perspective doesn't mean LU sales people will
    push it. Customers will have to ask for it by name.
    Therefore it is important to have direct sales people
    generating interest and demand. If LU fills the order, fine.
    But I've worked for a reseller and a mfg in the past.
    Resellers (i realize LU is much more than a reseller) sell
    either what the customer asks for OR whatever they make
    the most money on OR whatver product is the most
    reliable and easiest to support. The reseller won't sell a
    product if they can't get support on it or if it is
    difficult to deal with the mfg. If they have to call Israel
    for support or to get answers to any questions it
    will frustrate them. That is why I think they need to
    have a very strong US presence. I just don't know what
    they have in the US besides sales offices. Where does
    tech support and order fulfillment take place? One
    last comment. I worked for a US company that acquired
    an Israeli company. The Israeli company supposedly
    had the greatest technology in the
    business(networking) but struggled because they used mostly an
    indirect sales model with very few feet on the street. In
    addition, customers did not feel comfortable buying from an
    Israeli company when they could get something from Cisco
    or Bay that worked almost as well. My point is that
    it won't be easy for this company to compete on
    technology alone. IMO they need to move their headquarters
    to the US, hire US executives that speak English and
    get a direct sales force out there promoting their
    products. If they want to keep mfg in Israel fine.

    I am definitely not going to short RDWR. I have
    owned it since 27 and traded it a few times. I just
    think they will have a hard time keeping up with F5,
    ATON and FDRY's growth rates. I would not hold this
    stock for long periods of time until they show that
    they are growing at a similar rate. JMO

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    • Pretty much agree with your whole post but
      'specially the portion about sequential growth rates. The
      point that you made about not holding RDWR long term
      until they can show growth rates comparable to their
      competitors is of SUPREME IMPORTANCE (I don't believe some
      investors see it that way-- but Icon, you and I see this
      point exactly the same)!

      I feel that if they
      can show growth similar to the others, this stock
      will be unstoppable, but to achieve that growth, they
      made have to take a few of the steps you mentioned in
      your post.

      Who knows, they may already be in
      the process of implementing some of them as we

      Only time and the growth rate will

      Top-of-the-line post, Iconhater!

      C DiP

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