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  • kdp2561 kdp2561 Dec 3, 1999 12:07 PM Flag

    Sorry! No Volume=no uptrend.

    Look I'm a long from way back but you can't have
    a new trend without BIG volume. When I say BIG I
    mean more than 500K on first day and 1000K on the next
    day. Otherwise momentum players won't even look at our
    stock. It will happen eventually, but we may have to
    wait until next earnings. I hope I'm wrong, but I
    doubt it! Good luck to all longs. Hold on, in few
    quarters we will be doing much better, I
    ps:buybuy please don't hype RDWR. It can go up on its own
    and on its own timetable. Are you behind the
    eightball on this- I hope not.

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    • That is what I have been saying for days now. Any
      uptick in price must be confirmed by strong increase in
      volume. Yesterday's run hasn't been confirmed today. Till
      you guys and gals see volume going steadily higher,
      price will not hold. I am still waiting for that
      confirmation, then I will buy.

      p.s: Don't hype?! If
      someone has got nothing intelligent to say, all they can
      do is hype and say garbage. This isn't the only
      board where people hype stocks.

      Where the hell
      is "Huntforprofit"? The ultimate hypster. At least
      he knew some ways to analyze stocks.

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      • important to note the short period MACD graphs
        show that the divergence is getting smaller(I'm using
        12 day vs 26 day MACD with a 9 day EMA). So, this
        means an inevitable uptrend after equilibrium is
        IN AT THAN NOW. Longs may not like to hear this but
        I have always thought that the support is 40-42.
        (Just look at the chart -we had trouble breaking
        through that level on the way up, this makes it a
        support) I think we will test that support again before we
        move higher. (I say again because I consider the
        recent bounce off of 42 3/4 close enough to qualify as a
        test of that support.) So, I say that anything under
        43 is a bargain basement price for this stock as I
        think that support will hold. I could be wrong, but
        that's OK I'm already in at 28 1/2. srolen I wish you
        luck in getting the best price you can!

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