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  • buybuy11 buybuy11 Dec 4, 1999 11:01 AM Flag

    the difference between RDWR and FFIV

    What is the big difference between RDWR and FFIV

    The difference is, that in the case of FFIV, every
    time the CEO is going to the toilette FFIV is giving
    an announcement in Bloomberg and hype the stock.
    Yes, the real hype is coming from the company and not
    from this msg. board . While RDWR is aggressively
    bulking up its sale force in Europe and US and don�t even
    give an announcement. RDWR is for professionals.

    But it won�t change the current TA and fundamental
    picture. Superior technological advantage is the right
    choice, short and long term.

    RDWR went down
    Friday. Some profit taking at this point is really O.K..
    We have to understand that Longs were under lots of
    psychological pressure, and when the stock moved from a bottom
    of 41.5 to 49.5 (+20%) some of them (weak hands)
    went out.
    This will only give more force to the
    next up movement .

    I think that RDWR showed
    us very well how fast she can move without news !

    At this price level, what kind of a movement can
    RDWR do on the basis of a good IBM+RDWR news

    This is not the point. The point is that RDWR has
    superior technological advantage on competition. This is
    where the big money is.

    Question : How do I know
    that RDWR has superior technological advantage

    Go to RDWR web site and look at all the awards she
    has for the best products.

    Question : Why did
    RDWR went to an IPO in September ?

    While RDWR
    has the winning technology, RDWR needed the capital
    in order to build a proper sale force.
    started to do it aggressively.
    At this point past
    revenue growth is not an issue. At this point revenue is
    going to grow so strongly that any entry point from
    here to 80$ is bottom price.
    This explains the
    pattern of some other new IPO�s. Price go up strongly in
    the beginning than a big diving (some bears are
    looking at past earnings growth) and than constantly up
    in a spiral of up, split, up, split....

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    • investers are searching all the stock that were left behind during the rally....

      until now they were buying momentum. Now they look for the real thing.

    • from management. The last news link is over 3 weeks old! Please tell me something could be said!

    • have walked, the evidence is the selling
      100/200/300 share block at BID, many
      have walked away
      disappointed and pissed
      that they waited for BEP only to
      see losses
      grow in size! I am sure you are
      correct, there
      is always room for more to flock to the
      sign if and when we break below $40 a share! At
      current rate that may happen this week!

      Just my 2

    • It will not reverse until the people that are
      currently in the stock, and are losing money sell.

      There are too many people still in, that just want to
      break even.

      Give me some capitulation, and i'm

    • before next earnings in February, i am sorry
      say investors will soon lose confidence, and move to
      other related plays such as FFIV

      This industry is HOT, and if RDWR is to be
      a player
      with the BIG boys, they will have to
      act like the
      BIG boys!

      I must admit I need something to
      stay commited to RDWR, the silence is causing
      drift to lower to lows, and I belive investors
      throwing in the towel!

      Best for most, with limited
      exposure in RDWR
      would be to check back in 60/90 days,
      those of us like myself, that accumulated to
      shares because the price was just to
      cheap to pass
      on, hope that news comes
      right now!

      is the BEAR? I thought he would let us know how bad
      we are performing relative
      to peers!

      tommorow is better than today! Hope,
      all the LONGS are
      doing well with other
      positions. Take a look at ATON
      move today,
      will we get our day in the sun?

    • something nifty from management. Notice how long it's been since an announcement? Maybe that doesn't mean anything. But it is the kind of thing that makes me say "hmmmmm?".

    • I agree! You are absolutely right on that

      You know why I had all the "patience" to hold the
      portfolio for that long? I went thru law school in the past
      few yrs after a well-established high-tech career,
      and the hell stress of law school made me totally
      forgot I still hold several stocks.. that's how I beat
      most of the short-term traders...... do nothing, just
      like Rip Van Winkle.

      Actually, your story will
      make me sleep better (my sleeping have had some
      problems recently due to RDWR :-). As I said, I got in at
      51, now 43+, that's nothing, compared with what
      you've gone thru.. Let's just hope RDWR management will
      do something nifty in the near future..

    • Yup! I have been on a roller coaster, but I have
      no problem with it. To sell at 87 I would have to be
      sure that it would drop more than 35%. Otherwise when
      you take into account short term capital gains it
      doesn't make sense. Short term cap. gains are between
      30-37%(depending on tax bracket) so I have to be really sure that
      it would drop from 87 to 54 just to get back in and
      break even. To actually get back in and make any money
      I would have to get in at something below 54.
      Otherwise it all goes up in smoke in april. This is why
      studies show that people who trade frequently have to
      outperform longterm buy and hold investors by 30% per year
      on average just to be at the same level with them.
      Gains don't do you any good if you have to sell shares
      to pay taxes. Anyway, I like your long term plays
      -nice list. Now image if you had bought one a week
      after the IPO and instead of trading the volitility you
      just sat on it and it grew tax deferred all these
      years. That's what I'm trying to do. It isn't easy when
      you watch them everyday like I do. But, nothing worth
      doing is ever easy! Good Luck, no matter how you

    • Are you telling me you got in at 28.5, riding the
      wave thru 87, down to 43 now, watching it daily, but
      doing nothing??

      You are certainly in a different
      investment style.. I am a long player as well, I got in GE,
      MSFT, INTC, CSCO, AOL, DELL, etc about 5 yrs ago, and
      still holding today, despite they have gone up 3-5
      folds. But I will not hold a stock that went double in
      value in a few days, those rocket stocks tend to be
      pushed back like falling rocks too. Well, wish your
      patience will pay off.

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