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    • Hi KDP,

      I found your msg. Very interesting
      and I like your marketing oriented thinking. I think
      that you have a point here and I agree with your long
      term scenario.

      But I really think that the
      issue here is which company has the best product
      (second best close to the best is also good).
      Here is
      my point (please read it and tell me what you

      The Client :
      Engineers. In this case the client
      are professional engineers and not the common
      consumer. For example everybody knows that for the best
      routers you should go to Cisco and most of them do that.
      For a dotcom it�s essential to keep the network
      online, or else face consequences.

      The product
      Is answering a real need. Making the network flat is
      and going to be an important issue. We can see the
      problems already today as we try to access AMZN or Yahoo,
      etc. As the Internet is only in the beginning,
      problems will get worse.

      The Market :
      The market
      is growing so fast that both RDWR and FFIV have
      enough place for the next 10 years.

      Cisco don�t do R&D, they buy promising cos. In this
      case there in nothing to worry. The only thing Cisco
      could do is buying RDWR and make us rich.

      your msg., you are using case study from the
      consumption sector. This is a B2B sector.

      1) The company that have the best product (second
      best close to the best is also O.K.) will find a way
      to make big money. I don�t care how this company
      will do it, I just know that this company will do
      There is no doubts that RDWR>=FFIV. By the way
      RDWR is going out in January with a new version that
      will edge out once again competitors.
      2) Since
      RDWR>=FFIV. They should be traded at very close prices. RDWR
      should go up 350% in order to reach the market cap. Of
      FFIV. She will do it.
      3) In past MSG�s. I already
      stated why do I think she will do it in the short

      Please correct me if I wrong

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      • AOL uses to keep their online experience "smooth" foundry. (no aol has horrible load balancing problems and traffic redirect) and what is foundry trading at today?

      • say. Except with the idea that the company with
        the best product will find a way to win. I think
        history has shown that the best product can easily lose
        if the business model does not work. Even the
        internet can't change the fact that you must have a good
        business strategy. I think RDWR's business strategy is
        superior to FFIV's and so I think they should (and
        eventually will) be valued HIGHER than FFIV. I really do
        think we will see a valuation 1.5-2 times higher than
        FFIV. Why? RDWR has better market share already (14% of
        Information Management Technology Equipment, second only to
        CSCO with 44%) and from what I have seen RDWR's
        margins are better than FFIV's. These 2 things alone mean
        eventually RDWR will be worth more. How long it takes for
        the market to realize this is something I'm willing
        to wait and find out!

    • You make very good points. But I think the battle
      royal will not even begin for several years. The
      network mtg. market is so big and growing so fast that
      there is pletty of room at the present for FFIV, RDWR,
      and CSCO. Ultimately I think you're right about RDWR
      versus FFIV: Radware will win!

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      • I have been watching for sometime, and it's
        interesting to see who shows up on these boards. I have been
        long since 28 1/2 and I have heard it all! The shorts
        (which there aren't that many of) claim that RDWR will
        lose based on market share(ie FFIV has more). Which is
        totally untrue. RDWR has 14% of the information
        management equipment market, second only to CSCO (who has
        44%). RDWR already has more market share than FFIV! The
        longs claim that RDWR will win based on technology,
        which is a naive outlook at best(though you still come
        to the same conclusion because RDWR's technology is
        better too). It seems that, even here, you can be right
        for the wrong reasons. It's a wonder anybody makes
        any money at all in the stock market! But enough
        rambling, good luck, and as I have tried to make it my
        motto: BUY, HOLD, and GET RICH!

    • I put this company on my watch list since it plummeted after early spectacular gains. If you have any suggestions on where to look for RDWR info is greatly appreciated, thanks.


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