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Radware Ltd. (RDWR) Message Board

  • ontheroad69 ontheroad69 Dec 17, 1999 11:36 AM Flag

    Isn't it funny...

    That the only news on the RDWR board is how good FFIV is???? Just wondering?

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    • Don't know which to buy. Can anyone tell me why it should be RDWR?

    • that leads to that conclusion. It is found in the
      following press release:

      Tel Aviv, Dec. 9
      (Bloomberg) -- Radware Ltd., which makes software to improve
      Internet server efficiency, is expected to rise as the
      volume of traffic on the Internet grows, Business Week
      reported in its "Inside Wall Street" column. Martin
      Pyykkonen, a CIBC World Markets analyst, said while there
      are competing products, Radware, whose customers
      include Intel Corp., Bell Atlantic Corp. and Wal-Mart
      Stores Inc., has "solutions (that) offer the most
      comprehensive features and performance capabilities." Salomon
      Smith Barney analyst Chuck Jones said Radware, with 14
      percent of the Internet traffic-management market, second
      only to Cisco Systems Inc.'s 44 percent, "is on the
      rise" and has "a compelling valuation" based on its
      business outlook, Business Week said.

      first sold shares in the U.S. in September at $18, and
      they've risen three-fold to close at 50 5/16

      You will notice it states that RDWR is second only to
      CSCO. Thus, RDWR has more market share than FFIV. FFIV
      may have triple the revenue, but that doesn't really
      have anything to do with market share. The fact is
      that FFIV's market share MUST be less than 14% as is
      made clear in the article. To me the fact that FFIV's
      sales took off the quarter after they had an IPO makes
      it clear that the money raised was used to boost
      their sales force, much like RDWR says they are doing

    • At this price, this stock is a steal! I just
      bought 5000 shares this morning! If you don't put in a
      buy for this stock now then you are crazy. I see this
      stock doubling by mid Feb.

      Go long and


    • piper just sold this thing VERY sloppily.
      looks like the seller is out of the way.
      i'm hoping we can close 48 or higher; if
      that's the case, we're in great shape.



    • both FFIV and RDWR sell products ONLY in the
      internet traffic-management sector.

      market shares
      is traditionally measured by revenues.

      FFIV and RDWR both ONLY sell products in the internet
      traffic-management sector, and they are measuring market share in
      the traditional sense [revenues], and FFIV's revenues
      are 3X what RDWR's are, then it is logically
      impossible for RDWR to have a bigger market share than

      simply put...

    • RDWR sells through distribution. So it is not apples to apples. RDWR has lower revenues, but also lower COGS.

    • Thanks, I know rdwr is better long term buy I've
      been in from day one and it's one I don't plan on
      selling anytime soon. My point was that foundry does have
      a like product of load balancing and rdwr was rated
      better. If I can find article again I will email to you,
      you will probably be better at explaining my point
      then I. Thanks again.

    • You say, "market shares is traditionally measured
      by revenues."

      I don't believe this to be
      true. Revenues have a relationship to market share, but
      it is a multiple of the price of the product

      For instance: Company A can have revenues of
      $1,000,000 by selling 1000 products for $1000 each. Company
      B can have revenues of $500,000 by selling 5000
      products for $100 each. Thus, Company A has higher
      revenues while Company B has more market share. In fact,
      Company B has 5 times the market share of Company

      Now if you think FFIV has more market share than
      RDWR, then Business Week magazine has made an error,
      but I doubt it. The article WAS printed well after
      FFIV announced it's quarterly revenues, so I assume
      that it is true. In any case, I think RDWR's
      international presence will eventually allow it to GROW at very
      fast pace.

    • you wrote:

      "For instance: Company A can
      have revenues of $1,000,000 by selling 1000 products
      for $1000 each. Company B can have revenues of
      $500,000 by selling 5000 products for $100 each. Thus,
      Company A has higher revenues while Company B has more
      market share. In fact, Company B has 5 times the market
      share of Company A."

      You're again assuming that
      market share is always measured by units sold, when in
      reality, market share is TRADITIONALY measured by

      Go to and do some research.

      said, i like the way RDWR is trading, and intend to
      jump in with a small position at these prices.

    • research. I've been in for some time now and was
      pleasantly surprised by the Business Week article. Business
      Week is a perfectly reputable source of information in
      my book and so I will choose to believe that they
      are correct in saying that RDWR has 14% of the
      market. If you prefer to think that they are wrong about
      RDWR's market share that's your prerogative. But I would
      think that they are pretty confident as they quoted
      actual numbers. Whether they are using a traditional
      form of measuring market share or some unorthodox
      method is of little concern to me, beacause I didn't
      think RDWR had that much of the market by ANY measure.
      So, I view it as icing on the cake. As for getting in
      now, I think we may be range bound for a bit, perhaps
      even until next quarter's earnings. But, if you are
      thinking long term this seems like a good time to get in.
      Good Luck and as always BUY, HOLD, AND GET RICH!

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