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  • ontheroad69 ontheroad69 Dec 17, 1999 3:28 PM Flag


    46. What a f---ing joke! What the hell is going on. I have most of my available cash sunk into this piece of crap! Will someone who REALLY knows something tell me something that is good news!!!

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    • as many have said before, go back and look at
      ffiv chart from ipo date to present. Almost identical.
      Radware has new business and will continue to increase
      business and rev. If your a daytrader looking to make a
      quick buck, forget this stock and move on. I do
      research for many companies and I can tell you, this is a
      great company in a very hot sector. This stock will
      skyrocket and what you have to decide is if you want to
      wait it out or sell and kick yourself later. I suggest
      you ignore it til end of jan. (although I have been
      known to get upset myself when something doesn't move
      as I think it should) Hang in there.

      In one
      article I came across, rdwr was rated higher than foundry
      in a load balancing product. Another Israeli company
      with like products is checkpoint, I believe their
      stock trades at about 200.00 right now.

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      • I own some F5, and am looking to get in very soon
        to Radware.

        Perhaps this is uncool, but any
        thoughts about Redback? Is this not the same industry, or
        is there something (technical) that seperates them?
        As you can tell, I know little of the jargon, etc.,
        but am interested in BAckbone internet angles, and
        can see nothing but upside in this sector.

        you have any objective thoughts re: Redback, Foundry,
        Alteon, ...I am forgetting one I think. (No need on
        Cisco, Lu, or Nortel...)

        Anyway, sorry if this is
        not appropriate, but I am indeed interested in any
        thoughtful input.



    • This stock has indeed been stuck at this level
      but has shown signs of strength. This stock should
      soar in anticipation of their next qtr earnings (i
      think in feb sometime) This is when the stock moved
      last time when earnings were supposed to be
      blockbuster. Next qtr they will be.

      Only my opinion

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