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  • kdp2561 kdp2561 Dec 20, 1999 9:58 PM Flag

    A good quote from the press release!

    ``We are finding that RADWARE's products
    complement our offerings to Internet Service Providers and
    enterprise users who require a fast delivery of
    information,'' said Dr Jerry Cohen, managing director of ABC
    solutions. ``We believe that RADWARE is a market leader and
    has the ability to remain so for many years.''

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    • Any thoughts on these two: ENON and ELCO. Thanks

      • 2 Replies to seashark00
      • I don't like the looks of this one. These are the
        best of times and they are reporting decreased sales
        and revenues resulting in larger losses. They began
        restructuring and they have sold off the majority of their UK
        operations. As you may have noticed from the RDWR press
        release the UK is the fastest growing IT area in Europe.
        Another thing I really dislike about ELCO is the 24%
        decrease in R&D spending. Many companies (RDWR included)
        would be reporting profits if not for their R&D
        spending. But, it's that spending that insures their future
        prosperity. And as we can see from Amazon, Yahoo and the like
        future prosperity is more important than present
        prosperity. I know they are redirecting themselves and much
        of the losses are directly related to that effort.
        However, I would just as soon wait and see how future
        results reflect the current restructing. The fact that
        restructuring is necessary at all indicates to me that they
        have been too slow to change in the past. It's almost
        the opposite of ENON which is clearly more dynamic in
        it's attempts to garner market share. I wouldn't look
        to get in ELCO right now. Perhaps in the future when
        their management has proven themselves to me and the
        charts look right I would consider it. If I was already
        in then I would revisit the original reasons I had
        for investing and if they are no longer valid I would
        get out when the chart looked best. Those are my
        opinions for what they're worth. No matter what your
        decisions are I wish you the best of luck!

      • I like the positioning. Establishing themselves
        in the growing european market for internet access
        and leveraging that customer base by establishing an
        internet search engine, e-commerce site, as well as web
        site design and hosting services. Growth rate is great
        (323% year over year net revenue increase)! Don't like
        the increased loss on higher revenues, but that
        hasn't held back Amazon and I don't expect that to be an
        issue here. They are trying to establish market
        presence and a critical mass -doing pretty well I might
        add. I have typically avoided ISPs for investments. I
        don't like the long term outlook in that industry. I
        think AOL and the like will go the way of the dodo
        bird. Eventually I think ISPs will be beat out by the
        free internet model(note that this business model has
        not been proven out, YET). I may be wrong about that,
        but in any case I would still consider ENON as an
        investment because they have shown an ability to leverage
        their strengths and shift into growing markets in the
        recent past. The chart on this one doesn't give me a
        warm fuzzy feeling, right now it looks like it's
        sitting on support, but the next one down looks kind of
        scary at round about 14. If I was looking to enter I
        would wait to see what the next few days would bring.
        If it bounces I'd be getting in. If not I'd wait
        till it fell and volume got quiet(ie selling dried up)
        then I'd get in. But if I was in right now I would
        hold. I have a long term outlook, however. Nearterm
        there may be some pain(or not), it's hard to tell(short
        term moves are statistically insignificant). Good
        luck! I'll take a look at ELCO next.

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