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  • buybuy11 buybuy11 Mar 8, 2000 11:28 AM Flag



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    • So buy a million shares and make the stock go up. . .now!

    • No matter locked up or not, RDWR has the
      technique which will be valued at the same level as ARBA
      and RBAK.
      Traffic management and security will be
      more and more important in the industry, and RDWR has
      good management...

      It's a steal to buy at this
      price. If you have patience, you can wait to buy at a
      lower price, but I cannot wait anymore...

      Do you
      own decision, and you'd better consult more people...

    • Lockout period ends 3/27. 11 million shares comming to market. See

      • 3 Replies to sobesoft
      • Sobesoft, I'm not trying to criticize you, but
        your statement about the lock-up release shows that
        you are not a very thorough researcher. In fact,
        anyone that makes that statement about lock-up releases
        (which you see all the time) only proves to an
        experience investor that you are a novice.

        to popular opinion, lock-up releases are one of the
        best long term events in a new stock's life. Of course
        pure mathematics almost always makes a stock drop
        after the expiration. It takes a couple of days for the
        market to absorb the new shares. But do a little study
        of some of the stocks that have had lock-up releases
        in the last six months (you do know how to do
        research, I presume). Examine their post lock-up
        performance and tell us what you find.

        The addition
        of new shares allows a whole new group of powerful,
        long-term investors (primarily institutions) to get into
        the stock, where before they could not (or would
        not). How many institutions might be out there that
        would like to buy RDWR but can't because of the small
        float and the lack of liquidity?

        So many large
        institutions wouldn't touch a stock like RDWR even if they
        loved it, because they would not be able to take a
        meaningful enough position without drastically raising the
        price. And even if they could avoid driving the price up
        as they were trying to buy, many institutions (like
        a large tech mutual fund, for instance) could buy
        half the damn float and even if the stock did well, it
        would add a whopping few pennies to its NAV.

        to mention, when a float is small, good long term
        holders ironically keep a stock price stay in check
        because of a lack of liquidity. I have firsthand
        experience with this at work. My company owned 75% of a
        publicly traded utility outside the US. The stock price
        went nowhere because there was not enough open shares
        to make a market. So we sold down to 51%, releasing
        millions more shares for the market. Within six months the
        value of our 51% interest exceeded the former value of
        our 75% interest. Why? Because there were then enough
        shares out there to create a market for all potential
        buyers. New demand ate up the new supply and then

        The old "scare the weak hands with the threat of the
        lock-up release" is so pathetic. Please tell me that you
        are against RDWR for something more substantive that

      • Take a look at PKSI. I bought in SEP, mid 20's.
        Sold in Dec. based on lockout scare.
        I have kicked
        myself a lot since then. I wont even look at it since
        its well over 100.
        I did learn a good lesson
        about lockout dates.
        The effect happens long before
        the actual date. Its sort of like the reverse of buy
        on rumour - sell on fact I guess. Check it out
        I dont hold RDWR now, but I've been watching
        and I think this is now the time to buy. I think ICGE
        has been held down the same way.
        Any other
        opinions or timing examples appreciated.

      • Just like everone said the extra offering we had a month ago was gonna make this tank. HA!
        just bought back my trading position today.

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