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  • cerda10 cerda10 Apr 18, 2000 10:53 AM Flag

    Earnings Announced on May 4

    Goto this link and see that earnings are expected on May4. Also,
    last quarter, the earnings were .03, this quarter it
    is expected to be .01 but .11 for the year and next
    year at .34 per share. This sounds like a growing /
    earning company to me. Now I have done my homework unlike
    the spouters on this message board. Listen to the
    numbers not the spouters. RDWR is a solid company of the
    future. I am long on RDWR.

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    • In response to why employees who are
      positive about radware's future would
      sell any shares
      here is the obvious answer.

      Many Radware
      employees have many shares
      of Radware stock and many
      options. When
      they sale shares they are only selling
      very small fraction of the total shares they
      They sell these very small fraction
      of their shares
      for their immediate buying
      needs, they want to buy
      a house, new car,
      etc. However, they hold on to
      many of
      their shares because they are still
      about the company.

      You can't fault an employee
      for wanting
      to sell a few shares to buy a new
      or house. Do expect them to hold all their
      forever? They need some spending money.

      Check your
      history. Many EMC, MSFT, DELL,
      and INTC employees have
      sold many shares
      of their companies stock over
      history while their stock and
      have continued to rise.
      these stocks have continued
      to rise.

    • thanks

    • I think you should ask your friends why
      shareholders that sold 1,250,000 shares at secondary public
      offering in the price of $55 per share are not buying now
      in a price of $21-$22. Sure it will show their great
      confidence in the company.

    • I think RDWR will have rev. of 6700,000 and earning of 0.07/share. Anyone know how much $$ their second IPO raised? Thanks.

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      • I think that Q1 sales in the amount of $6.7M will
        be disapointing. The company made tremendous efforts
        to increase sales by signing new distribution
        agreements and direct marketing. Let's remember that FFIV's
        revenues in last quarter were $19.2M.
        My estimation is
        that RDWR revenues will be above $7.2M. Gross
        profit:$5.6M and Operating profit:$0.4M. Having $128M in cash
        should benefit at least $1.0M in financial income. If
        all above assumptions are correct we should expect
        EPS of $.08 which is much above analysts expectations
        (only $.01). I wonder how market will react to such

      • This is a very valuable information. I wonder what are your sources. If your earning data is correct, it is a great surprise to the 4 analysts which covering RDWR.

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