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  • telecom_investor telecom_investor Apr 26, 2000 10:17 AM Flag

    RDWR headed back up at 21 9/16 RTQ

    RDWR headed back up at 21 9/16 RTQ.

    RDWR is volatile as usual today but an
    upward trend is forming.

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    • You are right. But they will have to update their
      estimates tor the next quarters. RDWR should continue with
      its marketing efforts. FFIV invested $8.5M in sales
      and marketing expenses to sell $23.4M in Q1.RDWR S&M
      expenses are half of it.if they will continue to grow in
      qurterly rate of 30%, its annual EPS might be above $.40.
      I wonder how analysts will update their annual EPS.

    • The psychology surrounding tech investments may have change recently. Investors are being told to put their money on companies that are making money. Is RDWR making money?



    • <EOM>

    • it won't matter how good our numbers are. People
      in this market simply don't reward performance -they
      sell the news. But, I would still consider 0.05 EPS
      exceptional. 5 times expected earnings. To me that is great
      and it should prompt some upgrades from analysts. It
      may not be this quarter but eventually RDWR's results
      will be impossible for the market to ignore. When this
      happens it will be too late for anyone to jump on board
      and make any real money. BUY, HOLD, GET RICH!

    • I made few phones and as a result, my estimate is
      that revenues are $6.7M only. This is nice growth of
      34% above last quarter but I was expecting more than
      $7.0M. There are rumors that feworders received in Q1
      will be considered as Q2 sales. This is conservative
      and also healthy approach.
      The better news are
      that net income is estimated to be $0.9M. It means
      $.05 diluted net income per share, which is much
      higher than $.03 of last quarter, and should be
      cosidered as a great surprise to average estimate of the
      brokers.(Which is $.01 only).
      I wonder how the market is
      going to react to such results.

    • Trader's Edge - Radware Ltd. (RDWR)
      09:52 ET

      [BRIEFING.COM - Damon Southward] We
      continue to wade through the tech carnage in search of
      companies with good odds of staging a full recovery. The
      problem with this strategy is that it's impossible to
      predict when the next bomb will go off in the market,
      causing even the quality companies to lose their footing.
      In times of unrest, such as those recently
      experienced in Techland, the injured are often left behind on
      the battlefield awaiting a shift in investor
      sentiment. Many of these mangled companies will not be able
      to survive the shake out without an infusion of
      capital (e.g. a large number of the Internet retailers,
      as well as some of the upstart telecom names). That
      is why when venturing into the melee in search of
      survivors, investors should focus on companies with strong
      cash reserves and earnings momentum.


      Earnings momentum at Radware (RDWR 21)
      is, indeed, impressive... The designer of Internet
      traffic management solutions is expected to grow earnings
      per share 400% this year and 250% in fiscal 2001...
      At current price level, stock trades at 60 times
      FY01 estimates of $0.35 a share, translating to a PEG
      of 0.24.
      The stock experienced a 14% intraday
      surge in price on Tuesday (closed with a 9% gain).
      Believe that advance was driven by anticipation of strong
      numbers by competitor F5 Networks (FFIV). While FFIV's
      results were impressive -- revenues increased 562% and
      earnings posted at $4.1 mln vs a yr-ago loss of $3 mln --
      the earnings per share figure of $0.18 was only in
      line with Wall Street expectations.
      Failure of F5
      Network to meet the expectations of the momentum crowd
      could cause Radware to give back Tuesday's gains. But
      Radware has its own numbers coming out soon, and we
      believe the earnings will exceed expectations.
      due to release Q1 results after the close next
      Monday. Wall Street looking for a profit of $0.01 a share
      for the quarter. Would expect Radware to at least
      double up the number with a $0.02 a share profit,
      though, earnings of $0.03 a share certainly not out of
      the realm of possibility.
      Going into earnings last
      quarter, Radware pre-announced an upside surprise. The
      company then went on to exceed upwardly revised
      RDWR possess the two qualities admired most
      by earnings traders: 1) the ability to deliver
      significant upside surprises to estimates; 2) a history of
      making substantial price gains in response to those
      Stock has traded in a range of $17 5/8 to $87
      since going public September 30 at $18 per share...
      RDWR depending on this earnings report to nudge the
      stock clear of the relatively flimsy support existing
      at the $20 level.
      The Tel Aviv-based company
      sports a float of 5.6 million shares... Short Interest
      is a nominal 170,000 shares or 0.8 days... Average
      daily volume 416,000.



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