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  • meravhon meravhon May 15, 2000 8:21 PM Flag

    Giltfparsinvest-nice written

    Few comments.
    -If CSCO already has 40% of
    market, why they had to acquire ARPT in a value of $5.7B?
    Probabely because their products are inferior than
    competitors products. They came to the conclusion that they
    are going to lose their market share to new
    competitors like RDWR having much better products.Now, trying
    to fight against this trend, they assume that by
    using their sales channels it will be easier to sell
    ARPT products. Coming weeks will be very important. It
    will take some time untill CSCO salemen and
    distributers will understand and digest ARPT products. During
    this period RDWR should make special efforts to
    penetrate to new markets and expand their customers
    -If RDWR management will recieve indications that
    itis difficult to compete against such agressive giant
    company they should negotiate with other big company to
    be acquired.
    -Big question is what will be terms
    of such acquisition. Same as ARPT?
    -Upon rumors
    about a potential merger between RDWR and other
    company, price will fly.

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    • minimum if acquired:

      Shlomi Cohen
      5/15/2000 05:28 (

      Barron's brings
      this weekend an interview with Neil Druker, a money
      manager who likes M-Systems (FLSH), with whom I agree,
      and who also recommends to short Radware (RDWR), one
      of my holding. On Radware, I think he is totally
      wrong. His reason is too simple: Cisco bought RDWR's
      competitor, ArrowPoint, and that collaboration spells the end
      of the world for RDWR. Sorry, Mr. Druker, but this
      is the same story I heard two years ago on Check
      Point Software (CHKP), i.e., "Cisco bought its
      competitor and CHKP is a great short". Well CHKP was $30
      then and now it is $320 (pre-split adjusted). Mr.
      Druker is wrong for the same reasons investors were
      wrong on shorting CHKP. Both have great technology and
      products, a fast growing market and great CEOs. Druker
      forgot that RDWR has a "small" distributor called Lucent
      (LU) which still competes against CSCO. On the other
      hand if RDWR is in trouble I guess it soon will be on
      the block for sale at not less than 3 times the
      present stock price. So short it only if you want to lose
      your shirt.

      on another note, bloomberg is

      05/15 9:10
      Radware Ltd. (RDWR US): The maker of
      equipment for managing Internet traffic said it's opening a
      branch in Munich as part of its plan to expand in
      Germany. Radware shares rose 1 1/8 to 24 7/16.

    • because they are a take over target. you people are just plain stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I sold 40% my FFIV position at 42 today and bought RDWR with the FFIV gains. RDWR will eventually hit the 50s and FFIV the 80s. Just be patient and dont go margin. This market is tough on margins.

    • explain why this stock continute to drift lower
      despite magnificient earining report.

      particular I don't understand the drop on Monday. Please
      note I have no position in this stock, but I am
      considering to go long.

      Thanks in advance.

    • some @ 19 3/4 & some @ 19 3/8

      watching the last few days and I also believe that the
      bottom is near. Saw what I believe to be shorts
      beginning to cover in low $19's and also some bargain
      hunters (like myself) starting to step in. Barron's
      usually affects a stock for only a few days.

      While a dip into the $18's is possible, I see RDWR
      moving into low to mid $20's soon and into the $30's in
      an anticipatory move into earnings. I also think
      that RDWR is a takeover possibility between $40 -
      $50/share short-term.

    • I'm trying to understand the approximately
      doubled volume the last few days. It seems most likely in
      my (non-pro) thinking, that one institution may have
      decided to sell and has been doing so in small lots
      steadily for several days. PLEASE BE CLEAR: I DO NOT KNOW
      VOLUME. Other possibilities would be paced insider
      selling, or a lot more shorts covering than I would have
      guessed were out there? Does anyone have any real hard
      information which would shed light on the doubled volume?

    • I see alot of selling in blocks of 5000 or
      more(yesterday alot of 10000 share trades on the bid then the
      ask). I do not get a clear picture of a short sell vs a
      regular sell but clearly it was 2-1 yesterday sells vs
      buys. I think we need to test the 52 week low again.
      Why you might ask? I don't have a clue but it just
      feels like thats where we are heading. But I will say
      this again "PR" SUCKS in this company....I'm Long for
      a few reasons very good products...Profit....strong
      buys(which have not meant ----. With this Victoria Web Cast
      today NO PR whats up fella's?????????

      BEING USED!!!!!!!!!!!

      BRAG SOME WILL YA!!!!!!or
      do you want this stock to break 10 Bucks which is
      where its headed!!!!!!!

      Piss me


      Steph's Dad<----My daughter

    • Thanks for your reply. Here's what troubles me a
      little: I'm long, and there is no apparent reason for
      RDWR's not responding upward when the NASDQ heads up...
      until you look at the volume. If an institution has
      decided to sell, maybe because its analyst thought RDWR
      lost a niche market with Ciscos aquisition of
      Arrowpoint, hey, that's the way the market works. And the
      same goes for shorts. BUT if it's insider selling
      steady, day by day, that's a different matter.

      haven't been able to get info on whether there is a
      lockup expiration. Does anyone know if there is? Well
      over half the stock is owned by management,

      I phoned the company this am to try to get some
      clarity on this and was referred to Dennis Dobson at
      203-255-7920. He works for a PR firm which handles RDWR's
      investor relations. He said there was no insider selling
      so far as he knew.

      It's a busy day for the
      company so its probably best to leave them alone until
      tomorrow; but then, why not try to clear up the matter of
      insider selling with them? If it's not there, if it is an
      institution or large stockholder selling, management isn't
      doing the company any good by staying mum, I wouldn't
      think. What do you think?

    • I've got 1000 @ 70 dollars 1000 @20.50 so far
      will take 1000 more in the next few days. I think the
      Nasdaq is in a sidways to up pattern I feel the Barrons
      story has hurt the confidence in this stock but I feel
      up is more a reality then down alot more these
      shorts I think are in it for a short term trade man what
      balls I have to give them credit. Keep the faith. I
      have no choice!!

      Just think about this .05
      profit .01 expected over 100 million cash.....You tell
      me why its going my opinion no good
      reason..Yes it hurts when it goes down but if you can't take
      the ride step off at the curb.
      Steph's Dad

    • Another day in the TOILET eh?

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