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  • beatleman_or beatleman_or May 15, 2000 10:19 PM Flag

    Blinded by the truth stockcrash00...

    I'm not one of your BS board buddies who spends their time posting nonsense information all day long. I've got a life, and you should get one too. RDWR LONG....

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    • the picture. it's very simple, this stock is dead money! that is unless you were short!!!
      hehehaha to all rdwr long investors

    • company officials sold their shares at much higher prices and are now leaving the scraps to fools like you who believe in the story. just who do you think was selling in that follow on offering?

      >* The recently proposed $6B
      Cisco (CSCO-$60-1M) acquisition of
      >(ARPT) appears to us to be more targeted at
      Foundry(FDRY) and Alteon(ATON)
      >than at F5 or Radware. *
      Foundry and Alteon are more noted for routers
      >switches, rather than load balancing capabilities. However,
      both have a
      >load balancing package as part of
      their router and switch offering. *
      Cisco's switching division is doing the ARPT acq., not
      >Local Director Division which produces the load
      balancing product. So,
      >while the Cisco offering is
      now stronger, it has removed a
      >competitor and may create customer confusion for its own
      products. * We are
      >maintaining our 2000 and 2001 EPS
      estimates of $0.20 and $0.40, respectively
      reiterate our Buy rating and $55 target.

      >FYE Quarter 1 Quarter
      2 Quarter 3
      >Quarter 4 Year
      >12/99 EPS
      Curr (0.02) A 0.00 A (0.01) A 0.03 A
      >0.02 A
      >12/00 EPS
      Prev 0.05 A 0.05 E 0.04 E 0.06 E
      >0.20 E
      >12/00 EPS Curr 0.05 A 0.05 E 0.04 E 0.06 E
      The cut
      and paste was less than perfect.

    • I'm pissed and the investor relations person for
      this company better work on his "realations" part of
      the job!!! He is about as helpful as "T---" on a
      bull. They have no intention of saying or doing
      anything about the Barrons story.....They say the company
      will stand on its own merrits. I've been long since
      the it went public....But if I could say something if
      anyone from Radware reads these posts.....Let's get some
      PR going an office opening is nice but how about
      some numbers on recent orders/purchases or at least a
      good heart surgeon because if we break into the teens
      this company is gonna need


      Steph's Dad

    • I love the institutions in this stock, they are
      strong and know the economy pretty well.
      Due to the
      recent perfermance, there are two possiblities in the
      future: One is that the institutions have a big, very
      big, action; Another one is that the company is
      getting in some kind of trouble. But the second
      possibility is unimpossible since no one got any information
      besides an idiot's words.

      So, waiting

    • follow or own...flex, nite, etc. no big deal.

    • Don't cover yet i've to prepare my pockets

    • We should wait until Company will clarify what is
      their comments to the CSCO&ARPT deal.Meantime business
      as usual and nice sales in Q2.Price will move today
      up. The hunters are coming slowly. Don't sell yet.

    • Company officials said today that they continue
      their business as usual.RDWR opened new office in the
      big market in Germany, and organizing a big
      conference in Italy.They claim that RDWR products are better
      than CSCO's and even better than ARPT's.RDWR won first
      place in terms of technology in 5 of out 7 objective
      tests conducted by proffessional magazines, and second
      place in the other 2.

      RDWR will continue in Q2
      with increased sales.

      These are facts. If
      ignorant investors are selling only because Mr Drucker
      expressed his opinion in Barrons, it is their problem. But
      it is creating wonderful opportunities to more
      sophisticated investors.

    • Beatleman_or states that he does not have time to
      post nonsense information, but since he did post. He
      is a nonsense board poster. By making his comment
      this way, he shot himself and proved to everybody that
      he does not have a life. If you are a RDWR long, do
      not expect that other company is going to buy RDWR.
      Expect RDWR is going to be the next Cisco, and RDWR is
      going to buy its competitors. Since you are hoping that
      another company buys radware, you are actually a short.
      Why don't you get a life...

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